Mom doesn’t think twice to tackle angry kangaroo when it attacks her 2-year-old daughter

October 30, 2017 11:51 am Last Updated: October 30, 2017 11:53 am

Most parents would do anything to protect their child, but would it cross your mind that one day you might have to wrestle a kangaroo to do so? For one Australian mom, that’s exactly what happened.

Argie Abejaron, Chad, and their three children live in an area of northeast Australia that is kangaroo territory. A mob of kangaroos live in the suburb of Point Vernon and over 90 kangaroos could be seen around their home on a regular basis, according to wildlife officials.

Usually the kangaroos are not much interested in the people and can be seen hopping around, munching on grass, or lounging about.

“They come up and sit by the fence, sit on the lawn, but no problems,” Abejaron’s neighbor Renee Harris told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

But not this day: when her mother’s back was turned, a kangaroo attacked 2-year-old Mileah right outside her home.

(Facebook/Argentina Abejaron)

Abejaron and her two children had just returned from a shopping trip in August 2016. Abejaron was putting groceries away when she heard her 6-year-old son screaming.

She rushed outside to see a kangaroo standing over her then 2-year-old daughter, scratching her face and chest.

Kangaroos, while normally placid, can be very aggressive and dangerous to people, causing serious injuries with their sharp claws and strong arms and legs.

β€œThe kangaroo was about the same size as me, and I thought I could take it on. But it was really strong,” she told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

Abejaron wrestled the kangaroo to save Mileah.

β€œI kicked and wrestled the kangaroo, it tried to grab me but I didn’t have anything to hold on to,” she said.

The kangaroo pushed Abejaron to the ground, but a shout from her neighbor distracted the kangaroo and Abeharon was able to pull Mileah to safety.

Mileah was taken to hospital and had to have stitches to repair the wounds to her chest made by the kangaroo. Her face was also grazed but thankfully she made a full recovery from the attack.

Mileah’s father was grateful for Abejaron’s bravery

No one knows why the kangaroo suddenly started attacking the little girl, but it could have been fatal had Abejaron not stepped in.

Abejaron’s courage saved their child and Chad is grateful for that.

“She saved our daughter’s life by wrestling a kangaroo,” he told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

“Every single person that has helped, or said something positive, we thank them.”