Mother is annoyed with daughter’s excessive phone use—her opinion changes when her daughter gets sick

November 16, 2017 5:58 pm Last Updated: November 17, 2017 9:47 am

Millennials are using social media more and more these days, and this trend is not always welcomed by older generations. Many people just can’t stand seeing a teenager glued to his or her phone all day.

Candice Curry knows exactly what this feels like.

Curry couldn’t understand her daughter’s excessive Snapchat use.


“I’m not one for selfies,” Curry wrote on Scary Mommy. “They actually freak me out, and when I see my teenager take 75 selfies during the three-minute ride to church, I completely lose my cool.”

Clearly not a fan of this generation’s phone obsession, Curry was severely annoyed with her daughters’ Snapchat infatuations.

But then one day her teenage daughter got sick enough to have to be sent to the hospital.

After treatment, her daughter came home, but was still bedridden. While Curry knew that she would still be Snapchatting regardless of her condition, she wasn’t expecting the following week to turn out the way it did.

Her daughter’s Snapchat friends started showing up to the house one-by-one, bringing food and drinks to help her daughter get through her illness.


Candice was astounded when her daughter’s Snapchat friends showed up at the house. She was so used to seeing teenagers communicate and maintain their friendships through a screen rather than in person.

The same phone app that Candice resented was allowing her daughter’s friends to take care of her during her time of need. One friend brought a milkshake to soothe her daughter’s sore throat, while another friend paid for a delivery of pizza and soda.

“Even if it seems like the smallest act of kindness, it’s kind of huge in the teen world,” Curry wrote.

Curry had seen the light by the time her daughter got better. Instead of thinking that social media was turning teenagers into crazy bullies, she said, “It’s giving them access to each other in ways that we didn’t have growing up, and maybe that’s not always a bad thing.”

She learned that sometimes social media can be used in the “sweetest, most generous ways.”

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Posted by Candice Curry – W3 on Sunday, January 29, 2017

“The instant access these kids had to each other over the week gave them the ability to show compassion to my daughter in ways we couldn’t when we were their age,” Curry wrote.

Curry now understands that even if Snapchat and other social media platforms can be intrusive and abused, it’s the way their generation communicates with each other.

“We don’t give this generation enough credit,” Curry stressed to the reader.

Even in this age where technology is changing every day, teenagers are doing a pretty good job of adapting to it—and using it for good.