For 77 years she thought about the daughter she gave up for adoption — see the moment they reunited

August 25, 2017 11:02 am Last Updated: August 25, 2017 11:02 am


There’s no love greater than a mother’s love for her child, no matter how much time has passed.

When Minka was 16 years old, she was attacked by three strange men—one man stayed behind as a lookout—in the woods. The two other men raped her and her friend.

“It was so traumatic that all I could remember is this young man had a cowboy hat on,” she recalled.

In 1928 Minka was raped during a picnic in the woods.

It wasn’t until a few months after the attack that she discovered she was pregnant. Minka gave birth to a little girl, who she named Betty Jane.

Since she was only a teenager, she decided it was best to give her baby up for adoption. Even though it was an extremely difficult decision, she wanted to take the chance that her child would live a better life.

“It hurt to give her up,” Minka said.

Minka gave birth to a baby girl and gave her up for adoption.

Not a day went by where Minka didn’t think about Betty Jane. Every day she prayed for her daughter, especially on her birthday.

One day Minka prayed that she would be able to see her daughter again. Minka suspected that her daughter might have had children of her own, and it was possible that they have may have had children too. She was curious to know if she was a great-grandmother, and she wanted to be able to see her family before she died.

“I would say ‘Father, I think if you just let me see her, I promise I won’t bother her. I won’t bother her. I promise, Father,'” Minka said.

Throughout the years Minka continued to pray for and love her daughter.

A few shorts months after Minka prayed for the ability to see her daughter, her prayer was answered. Reportedly, Betty Jane, who was named Ruth by her adoptive family, had been searching for her birth mother around the same time. As Minka prayed to see her daughter, a judge had unsealed Ruth’s adoption records.

Ruth called her birth mother and Minka was elated.

“She goes, ‘When can we come and see you?’ I said, ‘As soon as you can. As soon as you can.'” Minka said, as she recalled the first conversation she had with her daughter.

Finally, after 77 years, Minka was able to reunite with her little girl.

The two met face-to-face shortly after their first phone call and both were overwhelmed with joy.

“It was just like we never parted, like we were just coming home.”