Mother bison protects baby from wily coyote at Yellowstone park

June 1, 2017 5:52 pm Last Updated: June 1, 2017 5:52 pm


In the animal kingdom, one of the most dangerous things you could ever encounter is a mother. This bison living at the Yellowstone National Park definitely lived up to that standard when she recently rescued her calf from a wild coyote.

Big Mama comes to the rescue!

(Source: Twitter/YellowstoneNPS)

A mother bison doubles as a shield.

(Source: Twitter/YellowstoneNPS)

She also teaches her calf how to defend against coyotes.

(Source: Twitter/YellowstoneNPS)

Like a good mother, she also takes time to comfort her baby, even while fighting the coyote.

(Source: Twitter/YellowstoneNPS)

According to The Huffington Post, Yellowstone National Park Ranger Joy Guffy posted these photos on Twitter, saying, “After giving birth, a cow bison successfully defended her newborn calf from a very determined coyote.”

A spokesperson for the park said it could not be confirmed that the mother bison had just given birth, but the calf was unlikely to be over a month old. The two bisons do not have names, but fans have given them nicknames.

According to USA Today, while there is no way of knowing how many calves are harmed by coyotes each year, they make easy prey for the predators.”

When it comes to smaller animals, they’re definitely preferred prey,” said Jonathan Shafer, a Yellowstone National Park spokesman, in an interview: “It’s easiest to catch something small.”