Mom’s announcement has young girl throwing tantrum, but then she sees what they hid from her

January 27, 2018 11:43 am Last Updated: January 27, 2018 11:43 am

Children have tantrums. They’re unpleasant for everyone involved, and the parents usually feel mortified in such situations, as no one wants spectators to watch as their children hiss and cry about things being “unfair.”

In this case, though, Pittsburgh native Tameia Harvey found her 10-year-old daughter’s tantrum was the perfect distraction from a special surprise—one that stopped her complaining instantly.

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

Tameia had just picked up her daughter Lundyn from school when something triggered a sassy reaction from the 10-year-old.

Tameia had brought along one of Lundyn’s brothers, and after strutting out of the building, Lundyn noticed that her brother was holding a new phone that he had been given. Lundyn was upset by this, as she’d been wanting a new phone herself.

“It’s not fair!” Lundyn exclaimed angrily, stomping off.

Tameia knew the warning signs, and this looked to be the start of a tantrum.

It was time to see if she could get her attention long enough to snap her out of it.

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

As it turns out, the phone that Lundyn’s brother was carrying wasn’t one that was gifted to him. Instead, it belonged to their brother, Markell, who was in the Navy reserves, though Lundyn didn’t notice this oddity at first.

With Tameia using her phone to film Lundyn, the girl, still seething at the unfairness of the situation, continues walking down the sidewalk, spinning around to complain to her mother and flailing her bag about.

Tameia calls Lundyn’s name to try to get her attention, but she’s not listening.

But as she turns around to face her mom, suddenly Lundyn spots someone else standing behind her.

And then she started to scream.

Markell was waiting behind her in his full military uniform.

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

As she dashed towards him, Markell opened his arms to welcome his sister in for a hug, which went on for a few moments. Tameia started to laugh, which soon turned to happy tears.

“She had no idea Markell was home,” Tameia explained to Caters News. “I couldn’t stop crying as they hugged.”

Lundyn wouldn’t let go of her brother.

Markell had been deployed for the last 6 months, so this reunion was an emotional moment that was a long time coming.

The signs of Lundyn’s tantrum gone, Tameia’s plan had been a success. The surprise went exactly as she hoped it would, and she’s glad she got to contribute to a reunion that she knew would make her daughter’s day.

While she’s unsure how she’s going to stop her daughter’s tantrums in the future, for the one-time thing that it was, in the moment it worked perfectly.