Mom was play-fighting with kids when she bumped into husband—what he felt—they had to go to hospital

"It broke my heart"
January 6, 2018 11:54 am Last Updated: January 9, 2018 9:10 am

Kirsty Adams, mother of three from the UK, was only playing around with her children when she got pushed onto her husband, Shane, and they discovered something life-threatening.

As Kirsty was shoved against Shane, he felt weird bump, so he alerted Kirsty and asked her to get it checked out.

The 41-year-old didn’t think much of it at first.

“I’d never noticed it before so I plodded on and went to work as normal,” Kirsty said. But she had been feeling uncomfortable—“I had been suffering with back problems but I just thought it was all hormones”—so she called her doctor.

Thankfully, Shane continued to press her on the matter, and after he asked again, Kirsty went to see the doctor.

Then the doctor sent her straight to the hospital.


“I had three biopsies done and they said there is something showing up which isn’t good news,” Kirsty told Hull Daily Mail.

That “bump” Shane felt turned out to be a cancerous lump under Kirsty’s breast, and the biopsies turned up cancerous cells in three parts of her breast. The cancer had advanced to the point where it was already spreading to her lymph nodes.

As soon as the doctor uttered the words “breast cancer,” Kirsty thought it was over.

“You obviously think, ‘I’m dying and that is it,'” she remembered. “It broke my heart.”

Fortunately for Kirsty, that wasn’t the case. As the doctor continued, he told her: “It’s curable.”

Her rough-housing with her children—and her husband Shane’s attentiveness—might just have saved Kirsty’s life.


“It was a frightening moment but I’m a tough cookie. I’ve got three beautiful kids so I knew I would fight it for them.”

(Daily Hull Mail/Screenshot)

Kirsty went through her first round of chemo in December 2017 “and as soon as I came home I was wiped out.” Now, she is on her second round.

Kirsty knew she would have to go through tough rounds of chemotherapy, but it was still a shock to her when she found out she would lose the long, blond locks she loved so much.

But her family and friends stuck by her, and her friend Abbey Jones even shaved off her own beloved long hair in solidarity with Kirsty.

Kirsty still has two more rounds of chemotherapy to go through before doctors will assess what her next steps will be. And although treatment is grueling, she’s thankful every day that her husband pushed her to get it checked out when he did.

“It really could have been terminal,” she said. “As soon as I was told it was curable I knew I had to fight this.”