Mom wants mothers to be nicer to each other—but the video she posts—everyone’s talking about it

June 8, 2018 6:16 pm Last Updated: June 8, 2018 6:19 pm

When you’re a parent, it can sometimes be hard taking your kids out in public. If they get anxious and start throwing a tantrum, you might feel judged by strangers for not being a better parent—even though it’s something all kids do sometimes and not really in your control.

All moms have been there at some point, so at least you can count on other mothers to have your back and understand—or at least, you’d hope so.


It turns out that some mamas can be just as judgmental of other moms—as one one bystander witnessed in a public incident. But she knows that it doesn’t have to be this way:

In a viral rant, she asks moms to stop judging and unite.

The video comes from a mom blogger who runs the Facebook site “Mommas Page” and is known on YouTube as Dottie LLama.

Dottie describes her vlogs as “non-sensical ramblings of a busy Momma just tryin to get through the day on coffee and the hopes that I might be doin SOMETHIN right every now and then.”

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So when she sees another mom struggling with her kids, she understands because she’s been there. But she was shocked to see other moms aren’t so nonjudgmental.

She recalled a recent shopping trip when she saw a mom handling her screaming toddler:

“There was this woman who had her toddler in the shopping cart, and the kid was pulling an all-out temper tantrum,” Dottie says.

“Over what? Nobody knows. Nobody frickin’ knows why toddlers throw temper tantrums, they just do.”

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The mom was doing everything she could to calm her kid down, but he wouldn’t relent. So while it sounded like “like the spawn of Satan was coming out of his mouth,” Dottie understood there wasn’t much else she could do.

Saying the overworked mother looked “embarrassed” and “defeated,” Dottie said the mom looked around trying to see the crowd’s reaction and maybe find some sympathy.

Instead, a third woman rolled her eyes at her.

Dottie was shocked that someone could be so unsympathetic, and act like she was the victim instead of the mother. So she went on a passionate rant:

“You’re not the one who’s gotta go home with this kid!” Dottie said. “That poor woman has been dragged through the mill already, and she’s gotta take that kid home! And you’re giving her a look of disgust? What else did you want her to do?”

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Dottie says that despite all the cultural messages of female solidarity and empowerment, many women don’t seem to be putting those good ideas into practice.

By sharing the story, she hopes to change that and inspire mothers to watch out for each other.

“So be nicer to each other,” she says. “I mean, can you imagine what we could do if we could all just bond together and be nicer to each other?”

“We could be like a gang. Like a gang of mothers.”

Dottie’s rant has now gone viral, with over 7 million views on Facebook. It’s an inspiring message, and Dottie has hopes that with a little more solidarity, moms can get together and really make a difference.

“We could take over the world,” Dottie says, before adding: “As long as it was before like 9 PM and not on a school night.”

Watch the video below:

Mom Gang!

Mom Gang❤️👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🙄😉

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