Mom toy shopping for a gift for toddler finds the most heartbreaking note – now she’s looking for the author of it online

July 15, 2017 1:54 pm Last Updated: July 15, 2017 1:54 pm

Late February, Bonita Ortega’s 2-year-old son, Nixon, broke his leg. She wanted to get something to cheer up the toddler, so she made a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us.

Anyone who knows Nixon knows he loves cars, so the first place Ortega went looking was in the cars aisle. It was then that she found a heartbreaking note written on an envelope.

It read:

“Please use this cash to buy something in honor of our son Henry who would be 4 on March 2, 2017.”

Ortega looked around in disbelief, then she “immediately started to cry, it was bittersweet tears.”

“I was hurting for Henry’s family, but so thankful that my Nixon could honor this sweet boy.”


She shared her experience on Facebook and asked that others circulate her message, hoping to reach Henry’s parents.

She wanted to personally thank Henry’s family for their sweet gesture and offer them support. She used their gift to get Nixon a Cars garage “that he hasn’t stopped playing with since opening” and wished Henry a happy birthday.

The post was shared by Love What Matters and has since gone viral, but Ortega has yet to connect with the parents who left the note.