Mom tells son she has a surprise in the car. But when he looks—gets the absolute shock of his life

By Sarah Le, Epoch Times
January 11, 2018 10:48 am Last Updated: January 11, 2018 10:48 am

A 6-year-old boy from Lubbock, Texas, broke the hearts of millions of internet users when he had an unexpectedly emotional reunion with a furry lost friend.

Paula Williams said the family’s dog named Kase went missing just before the holidays a couple of years ago.

“We let him outside to go to the bathroom, and when we went to let him in, he was gone. My son cried, and we went searching up and down the street, but couldn’t find him,” Williams told

Soon after Kase disappeared, the entire area was blanketed with nearly 20 inches of snow, and no one knew if the dog had found a warm place to weather the storm.

Williams was worried about how her son, Kahne, who had an especially close bond with the dog, would react if his beloved pet was never seen again.

Fortunately, one month later, Williams saw something familiar while driving through the neighborhood.

She was on her way home after leaving Kahne at his grandparent’s house, when she saw two girls getting off a school bus. As they ran into their front yard, a dog bounded out to greet them. Williams immediately pulled up next to the house.

“That’s my son’s dog,” she said.

Miraculously, the family gladly returned Kase to his rightful owner, and Williams was incredibly grateful the kind strangers had helped keep him safe.

“The family said that the dog had come to their house, so they took him in, fed him and gave him a warm place to stay,” she said. “If they wouldn’t have taken him in we don’t know what would have happened.”

What happened next has warmed hearts around the world and made Williams herself almost break down.

As she returned to pick up her son, she told him she had a surprise for him, and she pulled out her phone to record the adorable moment.

With his eyes wide, Kahne put on his jacket as he slowly approached the car—and he couldn’t believe who he saw sitting on the seat waiting for him.

“Look, who’s that? Who is it?” said Williams.

“Kase?” said Kahne. “Kase!”

The boy couldn’t contain his emotions and burst into tears, as he hugged his dear friend. The dog gently licked Kahne’s face as if to reassure him that he indeed was back home for good.

“I missed you,” said the 6-year-old.

Since that day, Williams said Kahne and Kase have been inseparable, and they even sleep together.

While the video has brought a lot of attention to Williams’s family, she says she posted it on her city’s Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook to inspire others who have lost their pets to never give up hope.

“It may be two years or two weeks, but there’s still a chance you’ll find your pet,” she said.