Mom surprises son with return of deployed father, with a little trick up her sleeve

August 22, 2017 1:12 pm Last Updated: August 22, 2017 1:12 pm


Aronka Robertson, like many sons and daughters with parents in the military, missed his dad…a lot. His dad was deployed for, well, it seemed like forever! And his entire family was looking forward to the day when they finally get the call telling them he is coming home.

He was gone too long.

That day was today, but it was his mom that first got the phone call. Knowing how excited he would be, Aronka’s mom decided to tell her son that his dad was at the airport.

She casually told Aronka, “Hey son, today we gotta go get dad.” She’s quickly interrupted by her shocked and enthusiastic son as they stand in their kitchen.

“Today? We gotta… We’re what?” Aronka stutters through his excitement. “We’re getting him right now?”

Moms are great.

Aronka desperately rushed around trying to get ready to go, but he was too excited to even think!

Then his mom told him to go upstairs, and that’s when he ran full-speed into the other room…and right into his dad’s waiting arms. How sweet!

So are Dads!

Enjoy the heartwarming video!


Source: Mom Says It’s Time To Pick Up Military Dad, Then Son Runs Around Corner And Right Into His Arms from Hero Viral and Sons reaction to his father coming home by THESTREETMIX on YouTube.