Mom suffered four miscarriages over a decade before she goes in for ultrasound—then doctors broke the news

"I was just bawling"
November 28, 2017 2:42 pm Last Updated: November 28, 2017 3:25 pm

According to the CDC’s 2016 birth statistics, among the 4 million babies born in the United States, 228 quadruplets are born.

That translates into six quadruplets for every 100,000! Allyson and Tony Ponto are amongst the few parents who welcomed quads in 2016, and their story is an inspirational one because of the long and difficult journey they had leading up to it.

The Iron Range, Minneapolis couple have been married for over 10 years, and during those times friends and family members kept welcoming new bundles of joy into the family.

Meanwhile, Allyson was miserable. She wanted to have one child of her own—and the couple just couldn’t.

“It took a huge toll on our marriage,” Allyson said.

“I ugly cried before every single baby shower I went to. I wondered, ‘Why not us? Are we not worthy of children?’”

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They tried, and it resulted in a miscarriage. Then it happened again—and again, and then a fourth time. In all, they struggled with infertility for over a decade.

After all the pain and tears of losing one pregnancy after another and much heartache, Allyson and Tony decided on a new approach: in-vitro fertilization.

Doctors implanted three embryos in her womb and waited six weeks before conducting further tests. The doctors told Allyson and Tony that there was a slim 30 percent chance that the procedure would be successful on the first try.

Six weeks later doctors were astounded by what they saw on the ultrasound.

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All three embryos had taken—and one of them had even split, producing identical twins.

They were expecting four babies.

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And this time, the pregnancy went off without a hitch.

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The babies were born a bit premature—at 32 weeks—but did not have to spend long in the NICU.

“Olivia came out first and I just started crying. I was just bawling because they were healthy and alive,” Allyson said.

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To top it off, the miracle babies were born on the 4th of July.

“I missed all the fireworks, but got to watch this happen, and we’ve got four fireworks now,” Tony said.

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When it comes to numbers Allyson had this to say: “My favorite number is 7, but now we might have to change it.” Why? Because the number four is more prevalent in her life. She’s had four miscarriages went on to have four babies on the fourth of July.

Olivia, Anna, Morgan, and Carolyn, were born last year.  And all four are happy and healthy.

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Dr. Jeanne Mrozek a neonatologist and medical director of the neonatal services at the Minnesotan hospital said, “I expect sheer chaos.”

That’s four times the work that a new mother would need to put in, and four extra mouths to feed.

Carolyn Morgan

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“A lot of people told me, you’re not going to be able to do that. But if anybody knows me, they know it’s going to get done then,” Allyson told WDIO.

The couple says they have extra support at home and they are also getting offers of help and donations made by people who have followed their journey of the Facebook page.

Olivia Anna Morgan Carolyn

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According to the site, quadruplets go through 9,000 diapers in their first year! Some days, they go through 40–50 diapers in all.

This means the Pontos will need all the help they can get. And it is a good thing that there are people who want to do more by offering to donate baby clothes and money to help.

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“I don’t know what it’s like to just have one. This is my normal. You have four babies, and that’s just what we’re going to do,” Allyson told WDIO.

Luckily for her, the four adorable girls are also really well behaved.

“They are really good babies. Nobody has colic, nobody spits up,” Allyson said.

“I know I’m the luckiest woman alive.”

Olivia Anna Carolyn Morgan

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Tony has had an instant connection with the babies as well.

“The girls hear his voice, and just light up,” Allyson told WDIO.

As the babies grow up, they’re also developing their personalities.

“We have Boss (Anna), Pokey (Olivia), Beefcake (Carolyn), and Squeaks (Morgan),” Allyson said.

HELLO PEAS NATION !!!!! Quick update The girls have appointments with dr Billman this Friday and we are so excited to…

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For Allyson, these are her miracle babies and although she had asked for at least one baby, God gave her four! You can be sure that from here on out, the fireworks will so much more and the girls will get to grow up knowing exactly how special they are.

These little ladies are getting so big and full of smiles!

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Nothing is impossible or utterly helpless, and when miracles like this happen, as Allyson says, you can only be thankful.