Mom shaves her head to match her ‘superhero’ daughter who underwent surgery for a brain tumor

May 26, 2017 3:32 pm Last Updated: May 26, 2017 3:32 pm

Having any type of surgery can be scary, especially if it’s for a brain tumor and you’re a little kid. So last year,when Faith May had to undergo surgery for a brain tumor, she was understandably nervous.

In order for her surgeons to operate on the brain tumor, which was pushing on her optic nerve and damaging her pituitary gland, she needed to have a portion of her head shaved.

During her recovery, Faith realized what had to be done during the surgery and she wasn’t too pleased about her new hairstyle. So, in order to make her feel better, Faith’s mom, Jaime Dawn, did something extraordinarily special.

She shaved her head to look exactly like Faith.

"This is Faith May, my superhero!!! Faith just had surgery to remove a brain tumor that was pushing on her optic nerve…

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Jaime told Babble that she surprised her daughter with the new hairdo when she swapped duties with her husband at the hospital. When Faith saw her mom she “immediately felt a little better.” Initially Jaime told her daughter that she could cover the bald spot with her bangs and it would be barely noticeable, but once the little girl saw her mom’s hair, she wasn’t interested in covering her bald spot anymore.

“Me shaving my head to match hers seemed like the smallest thing that I could actually do for her because I am so helpless with everything else she is going through,” said Jaime.

Look at the little superhero and her sidekick!

According to a fundraiser page set up by a relative, a few months ago MRI results showed there were two more growths near the same location where the first tumor was discovered and another surgery would be required. The last time the page was updated, Faith was pictured smiling with her sister and cuddling with her dad. At this time it is unknown what Faith’s condition is.

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