Mom heard knock on door on Christmas—but it wasn’t a package—”SOMEONE LEFT A BABY ON OUR DOORSTEP”

"I'm not joking"
January 3, 2018 1:14 pm Last Updated: January 3, 2018 9:17 pm

Laura Rosener had just finished feeding her newborn when she heard a knock on her front door Christmas morning—but she wasn’t expecting anyone that day, and they’d never had a postman drop off a package that way.

And she and her husband certainly were not expecting to open the door, not see anyone outside, then look down and see a 6-month-old baby that had been literally just abandoned on her doorstep.

“[Rob] said, ‘There’s a child on our porch,'” Laura remembered.  “I said, ‘you mean a kid playing a prank?’ He said, ‘no, it’s a baby.'”

Laura was a new mother herself, and “my newly minted mommy-brain was going crazy.”

Posted by Laura N Rosener on Saturday, November 18, 2017

The baby was screaming and upset, and Laura’s husband Rob brought him inside the house so they could comfort him.

“I was SO ANGRY at the person who had done this to this poor baby I could hardly think straight.”

In a Facebook post, Laura wrote: “SOMEONE LEFT A BABY ON OUR DOORSTEP THIS MORNING. I’m not joking. Someone stole a car and didn’t realize a baby was in the backseat, so they left it on our porch, knocked and drove away.”

They’d heard footsteps running away and then a car drive off but hadn’t been able to comprehend or imagine what could have happened just yet. Laura quickly called the police to report an abandoned baby—and the story ended up turning into a Christmas miracle.

Posted by Laura N Rosener on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Unbeknownst to the Roseners, just two blocks away was a young mother frantic and out-of-her-mind with anxiety as she realized her baby was missing.

D’anna Williams had been in her car with her 6-month-old son strapped into his car seat when she remembered that she didn’t lock her front door. Loath to disturb her son for this simple errand that would take less than a minute, she ran up the steps to her front door.

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But as her hand turned the doorknob, she heard a car door slam—her head whipped around just in time to see a teenager speed off with her car—baby still in the back.

“I ran down the stairs and took off,” Williams said. “This happened in less than 10 seconds.”

Williams ran down the street chasing the car, but she was no match for a vehicle. Then she called the police, fearing the absolute worst.

“Every negative thing was running through my head—what if I never see him again? What if he hurts him?”

“He’s my child,” she said. “He’s literally the only thing I’ve got.”

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The police arrived soon after, and Williams explained what happened. Then—only a few minutes after that—the police got a timely call. Someone had found an abandoned baby, just down the street.

When Williams arrived at the Roseners’s residence, she was hysterical with emotion.

“She cried, I cried, and the police officer cried,” Rosener wrote in a Facebook post afterward. “This mother was so hysterical the extent of our interaction was me handing her the baby and saying ‘He’s okay!’ and then she cried so hard I can still hear it.”

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The car thief turned out to be a 16-year-old, a minor, who was caught and taken into custody.

Both mothers were hugely thankful that things turned out the way they did.

“I don’t know if they understand, but they protected him in that moment,” Williams told KSDK News. “They took him inside their home, they held him.”

Though she was too shaken up to thank the Roseners properly at the time, after getting her baby back, she sent Laura a heartfelt thank you note.

Laura was thankful the baby ended up on her front porch as well.

“Thank God they didn’t leave the baby on the street, thank God they left it with us and not someone who would hurt or sell it, thank God we were home,” Laura wrote on Facebook.