Mom had just moved & posts online about getting daughter to hospital—Stranger’s response—is it real?

It seems too good to be true
June 13, 2018 5:26 pm Last Updated: June 13, 2018 5:26 pm

Getting around with little ones can be difficult. Kids are a handful, and parents chauffeuring them from place to place—on top of all their other duties—can feel like they’re burning the candle at both ends.

Kelly Tryda has more on her plate than most. She lives in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, with her 8-year-old daughter Mary Alice.

Mary Alice suffers from a rare genetic disorder that requires monthly hospital visits.

Tryda had recently moved from Ohio and was new to the area. With her daughter needing monthly checkups at the hospital, this mom was looking to learn as much about her new home as possible.

Mary Alice suffers from Brittle Cornea Disease, a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue and can cause a number of issues.

“I had posted on the Bridgewater board on Facebook just looking for information on how to get from Bridgewater to Boston Children’s Hospital because we were new to the area,” Tryda said to Fox 25.

She was looking for some advice, but ended up getting a lot more. She received a reply on her post from a man named Steven Hipolito, owner of Silver City Limousine in nearby Taunton.

Hipolito offered to take Mary Alice to her hospital visit in one of his limos.

Tryda was hesitant at first—the offer seemed to good to be true. But after getting to know Hipolito and learning more about his business, she grew more comfortable with the idea.

The drive from Tryda’s house to the hospital is over an hour. Hipolito made the drive there, and chauffeured them back home free of charge.

“I have a similar story, when I was a child my mother had to bring me back and forth to the children’s hospital so I understood her stress,” Hipolito said to Fox 25.

Arriving in the hospital in style, Tryda, Mary Alice, and Hipolito quickly developed a bond, and he offered to take the girl to her appointments for free on a regular basis.

Hipolito has now taken Mary Alice to seven of her doctor’s appointments.

“It has made things much easier, it takes a lot of stress off because I don’t like driving in the city,” Tryda said.

The two families have become friends, and Tryda said Hipolito’s giving heart has helped make the transition to the new city much easier. But Hipolito is happy to do it, and enjoys his time with them.

“She’s a lot of fun. She’s always making giggling, she’s always making sounds. It’s a good time,” he said.

Mary Alice has a knee surgery coming up soon, and Tryda is glad to live in such a supportive community. Without Hipolito’s generosity, getting her daughter to and from the hospital would be a constant struggle.