Woman was told she couldn’t have kids. But when she’s in the shower—just slips right out

January 20, 2018 10:49 am Last Updated: January 20, 2018 10:49 am

Anyone can be hit with horrible news, and then out of nowhere a miracle happens. Sometimes, there is no explanation as to why wonderful things happen and people are just thankful.

A woman named Brylye Jones told Inside Edition that she has “an ovarian dysfunction that causes my body not to produce hormones like it’s supposed to.” It can be sad news for a woman to be told she can not have children, but luckily for Jones, her bad news turned into good three months later.

Jones found out she was pregnant, and she was carrying a miracle baby.


Just like pregnant women, when it was closer to Jones to have her baby she started getting contractions and went to the hospital. Her contractions forced her to go to the hospital two times over the weekend, but they sent her back both times. The next time Jones was ready to have her baby, it was not at the hospital.

Jones told WTHI that that it was “your average, every day, snow day,” when she had her baby. She told the news station that everything happened fast. Her baby was eager to enter the world, and as miracles sometimes do, they happen at the most unusual times.

Jones had her baby in the shower!


Her baby boy slipped right out without any trouble or pains. After having her baby in the shower, her brother rushed in to make sure she was okay. In the mist of rushing in the bathroom, she tried to warn her brother, “And I’m like, ‘No Patrick, don’t come in here!’ And he’s like, ‘Oh crap! You’ve got a baby!’ and then he ran out the door,” Jones said while laughing.

Her brother called 911, and in shock said, “I need an ambulance… as soon as possible,” Patrick told the dispatcher. “My sister just had her baby in the shower.”


Jones was not as worried because she knew her little boy was safe because of her high school development class.  “I knew to suck out his mouth because of the class and I knew that you needed to make sure he was breathing okay and that his color was okay,” she said.

The new mom thought about naming her baby boy after the 911 dispatcher that help her and her brother, she said. But instead, she named him after what her baby boy meant to her. She named him Mathue, which means “gift from God.”