Mom was shopping with 2 kids when strangers started following—then they approach, and she starts to cry

August 16, 2017 10:49 am Last Updated: October 29, 2017 12:02 pm

A mother was walking through Costco one morning to do some regular shopping, with her two little girls strapped in the cart. She joked around about whether it would snow that week—would there be a lot of shoveling to do? How long would it take? What would they make for dinner? Who would do the dishes? It was all in good fun, to make the little ones smile.

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“We played some ‘I spy’ as we walked through the isles…just random conversations as we typically do to make it fun while we shop,” she wrote.

Then they finished up and got into the checkout line. And as they were about to leave, she noticed a stranger watching them.

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She and her daughters made their way to the exit, and then the stranger approached. It was a man with his daughter, and the little girl handed her an envelope.

She asked what it was for.

“It’s a gift and we would like it if you accepted it. There is a note inside explaining why,” they said.

Then the girl asked if she could give her a hug, and the woman was puzzled, but said yes.

“So she did, and I felt such a warm hug,” she wrote. They said their goodbyes and parted ways, and she waited until she’d gotten her two girls into the car before reading the note.

It was a card with a heartbreaking story written on it.

“‘Just listening to you talk to your daughters reminded me of my mother who I lost 2 years ago. I made my dad follow you around for a little so I can hear you guys talk because I wanted to pretend that it was my mom talking to me.”

She broke down in tears. “I cried, God it really got to me, I had to share.”

The mom said she started crying again as she posted the story, and added a little message for the girl.

“You just assured me that I am a great mother even though sometimes every parent questions themselves.”

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