Mom confused at receiving mirror for Christmas. But who was in the reflection has her screaming

December 26, 2017 6:54 pm Last Updated: December 28, 2017 6:51 am

While our mothers will usually appreciate any gift their child gives them, the greatest gifts come from the heart and have a special, personal meaning—things that can’t just be bought in a store.

So when one mother opened her Christmas present this year and found an ordinary household item, she didn’t know what to think—but when she looked a little closer, she realized there was so much more to the gift than she thought. It’s a video that’s been going viral with nearly 10 million views since Christmas Eve.

The video starts in an emotional scene. A mother, seemingly with tears in her eyes, is given a large present from her daughter.

“I just wanted to make it really special for you,” she tells her mother as she hands her the gift.


The mom begins to tear the wrapping off the large gift…


And sees that it’s a mirror.

At first, she doesn’t seem to understand, and reacts blankly.


But then, she sees the reflection—and screams when she notices someone who wasn’t there before.


It was her daughter, surprising her by returning home from the Navy!


The daughter, known only by her Twitter handle @cheeyannahh, was officially sworn in to the Navy in August.

She’s been away from home and apparently wasn’t supposed to be home in time for Christmas—but when plans changed, she couldn’t help but give her mother an unforgettable Christmas surprise.


Teaming up with her family, they found an especially clever way to make the reveal.

“[Surprised] my mom for Christmas,” the Navy officer wrote on Twitter.

“She looked in the mirror and saw her present.”

For mom, it was the best Christmas gift ever. Her daughter was finally home—and maybe she got a nice new wall mirror, too.

Watch the video below: