Mom battling cancer gets car repoed. When she marches into dealership with check—they won’t let her

December 21, 2017 4:45 pm Last Updated: December 22, 2017 4:47 pm

Many Americans struggle to pay for their health care, even if they have insurance. Between paying regular bills or hospital co-pays and deductibles, it can be a problem to pay for both when you’re really sick.

In 2013, breast cancer hit Michelle England, a mother from Anderson Township, Ohio. She was determined to beat it, and in 2014 she went into remission. Since then, she has participated in breast cancer walks, and she treasures her everyday life with her family and friends.

(Facebook / Michelle England)

But this year, the cancer came back. England was focused on beating it again, and she started going to chemotherapy treatments.

But the side effects caught up with her, making her unable to work. And between chemo therapy payments and other struggles, England was falling behind on her bill payments. Eventually, her car got repossessed.

From that point on, she had to take the bus to her chemo sessions. But the nearest bus stop to her house was a 20-minute walk away, not only making the trip inconvenient, but detrimental to her health. She knew she couldn’t keep doing this, given her condition, so she went to the dealership to try to retrieve her car with a $100 check.


“This is all I could afford to pay,” she told WCPO.

She knew she was still short on money, as $100 was not enough to get back her car. But she decided to give it to the dealership anyway, to let them know that she still wanted her car back at some point.

Tri-State Auto Sales, the dealership England visited, was aware of her struggles, as the staff had known her for years. They said she was always smiling, regardless of her condition or her struggle to have car payments on time.

The staff then wanted to do something good for this woman who was obviously doing her best to keep her car.

Tri-State told England to keep the check, because they paid off her car in full, along with giving it an oil change and new tires.


England could not hold back the tears when she heard this.

“When you get breast cancer and you get somebody special in your life . . . they were just angels for me.” England told WCPO. It’s clear she appreciates what the company did for her in her desperate time of need.

Thanks to Tri-State, England and her family can now partake in their Christmas tradition of driving around and looking at Christmas lights, something that wouldn’t have been possible were it not for their generosity.

And the best part is that England is now in remission again!

(Facebook / Michelle England)

England will never forget this selfless act from the dealership, as this simple gesture made sure that she won’t have to worry about car trouble anytime soon. It’s acts like this that go a long way for someone worthy who needs it.

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