Men watch in disbelief as hawk swoops down & snatches kitten. But what they do next—hawk startled

It's not over for the kitten just yet
May 13, 2018 12:59 pm Last Updated: May 13, 2018 12:59 pm

Animal lovers sometimes cringe at how cruel Mother Nature can really be. Living in developed suburbs and cities can sometimes shield us from some of the predatory behavior that takes place in the wild.

But in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a hawk patrolling the skies shocked two men who watched it swoop down and snag a kitten from the grass.

Two men with Virginia Beach Public Works saw a hawk take off with a kitten.

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The men chased the hawk as it was ascending in hopes of being able to rescue the kitten. They were able to startle it enough that the hawk released it from its talons.

But the kitten wasn’t in the clear yet. It was dropped from a height of two stories, and as the two men rushed over to it, they worried the little cat hadn’t survived the fall.

However, to their surprise and delight, the kitten was moving around. Believing the creature belonged to the home a few feet from where the hawk picked it up, they ran over and knocked on the front door.

The woman who lived there said the kitten wasn’t hers, but still took it to the Virginia Beach SPCA for examination.

Danielle Legg, a Virginia Beach SPCA employee, took the kitten’s X-Rays at the hospital.

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Legg said the kitten was traumatized, but her X-Rays didn’t show any breaks or serious injuries.

“It is amazing to me that she fell from that height and did not sustain really any injuries from the fall,” Legg said to WAVY.

The kitten’s injuries were limited to some cuts on her back and chin; otherwise, she was in great condition. All she needed were a few stitches before she was ready to go home.

But because the kitten was found as a stray, her future was uncertain. That’s when Legg decided to take her home while she healed up.

Legg named the kitten Kitty Hawk, and is fostering her while she heals.

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“It happened all at the right time, and it’s been such a treat to have her,” Legg said.

As it turned out, Legg’s own cat of 14 years had recently passed away. Still grieving the loss of her longtime companion, having Kitty Hawk around has been beneficial for both of them.

“She’s a fighter through and through, and every day I learn that,” she said.

While Legg only intended on keeping Kitty Hawk until she’s ready for adoption, she’s now considering having her for good.