A group of friends came across a fallen tree — then they saw a small critter struggling underneath

November 29, 2017 2:46 pm Last Updated: December 1, 2017 2:17 pm

When Jeff Baird and a few of his buddies from his Jeep club were off-roading they came across a fallen tree. Baird wrote in the description of his video that there had recently been a windstorm, and it was possible the storm knocked the tree over.

Upon further examination of the tree, Baird realized an animal was helplessly trapped under the tree: a raccoon. The group guessed that due to the raccoon’s position, it must have been inside of the tree when it fell.

Knowing they couldn’t just leave the poor fellow there to fend for itself, they got to work.

When Baird and his friends found the raccoon it was trapped helplessly under the tree.

The raccoon struggled to free itself, but it was no use. It needed assistance.

Two men worked together to try and lift the tree in the air.

The raccoon watched intently as two people tried to lift the tree, but when they lifted the tree as high as they could it still wasn’t enough. The poor little fellow was still trapped.

One person tried to move the raccoon by himself, but quickly learned that wasn’t the best approach.

The raccoon nipped at one of its rescuers.

The raccoon’s rescuers tried once more to lift the tree up and were able to give the animal a little more room, but it still wasn’t enough for the masked critter to wiggle free.

Someone placed a jacket over the raccoon to keep him from biting them.

The men got back to work, this time using only a shovel.

One man dug a little of the dirt out from under the raccoon.

In a short time the raccoon was free. The little guy, who was undoubtedly thankful a group of strangers stopped and saved his life, ran off and scampered up another tree.