Meet Zola, Dallas Zoo’s viral “breakdancing” gorilla who’s making waves

July 18, 2017 10:53 am Last Updated: July 18, 2017 10:53 am

In the sweltering Texas heat, one gorilla has found a unique way to keep cool.

Zola, a 14-year-old Western lowland gorilla, was enjoying his time in Dallas Zoo’s gorilla building when he discovered a “passion for splashin'” according to the zoo’s statement. Inside the gorilla building, there’s a large pool used for enrichment, which is the process of ensuring that the behavioral and physical needs of an animal are being met by using certain activities to stimulate them.

Some animals paint, change locations, or have to figure out a challenging food presentation. But Zola loves the cool blue pool.

He was being taped there when he suddenly felt an itch to bust a move. Without a beat to dance to, the gorilla promptly swung himself around on his arms and started spinning on his legs. He splashed and jumped with a giant smile plastered on his face until he abruptly decided that was quite enough and quickly settled down.

The video now has millions of views.

Watch him dancing here:

This isn’t Zola’s first brush with Internet fame though. Before he had a pool, he had a puddle.

In a viral video from Zola’s time in the Calgary Zoo, he used yet another enrichment opportunity to have some fun and show off his moves. Frolicking in a puddle, he decided to spin himself around on his arms and then do some quick tap-dancing, which eventually turned into a frenzied running-in-place dance move that he shook his head gleefully to.

Like in Dallas Zoo’s video, Zola tired of this activity abruptly. He then departed stage right, most likely in pursuit of a quick power nap to recharge for the next time he puts his dancing shoes on.

Watch Calgary Zoo’s video here: