Marine Scientists Put Fake Seal on Boat. When Cameras Capture Shark’s Next Move—my Jaw Drops

June 22, 2018 10:11 am Last Updated: June 22, 2018 10:11 am

This rare footage shot off the coast of Mossel Bay’s Seal Island in South Africa has brilliantly captured a great white shark in action. It’s incredible to watch the giant predator jump 10 feet into the air while seal hunting.

Marine scientist Ryan Johnson has filmed a series of angled shots using several cameras during the great white sharks’ hunting season, reported Caters News.

Ryan said, “We started filming sharks to answer the question: is it only a small proportion of the white sharks in the bay that are successfully hunting and killing seals?”

He shared that over the season they had recorded up to 30 attacks. “Little did we know that the footage obtained would look so incredible, and offer a whole new visual perspective of great white sharks hunting,” he said.

Being one of the mighty predators of the deep blue waters, sharks are master hunters. The video shows how a shark approaches its prey; then it opens its sawed jaws and clamps down on the seal with enormous force, as they both come flying out of the water.

For those who might feel a little distressed after watching this video, Ryan said: “What is important to remember for anyone watching this and getting a little freaked out is that these sharks only perform this hunting behavior during a very short season, and only directly adjacent to a couple of seal colonies in South Africa, one of which is at Mossel Bay’s Seal Island.”

Well, having witnessed a shark hunting a seal is not something that everyone can boast of. Watch the breathtaking footage to experience one incredible marine-life display.

Video Credit: YouTube | Storytrender.