Manager couldn’t understand late and unreadable report by staff—then she makes shocking discovery

January 16, 2018 6:26 pm Last Updated: January 16, 2018 6:26 pm

When we go to work, we have to think about why we do it. Is it just for the money, or a completely different reason?

Nataly Bonato is a community manager at WeWork, a company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s a company that helps people rent office space, in locations from New York all the way to Seoul, which means she has many people working under her.

(Facebook / Nátaly Bonato)

Around summer 2017, Bonato had asked that her staff file a report checking the cleanliness of rooms and other information expecting it be done by a certain day. It took over a week for the report to be done and when it was, she found that she couldn’t understand almost anything written on the report.

Bonato called a meeting to address this issue, and it was then she found out something she never knew before.

She found out that over half of her team was illiterate.

The shocking discovery put Bonato in a tough position. She potentially could’ve seen these workers as liabilities; it’s possible other bosses would’ve immediately replaced these workers with other people that were literate.

But Bonato didn’t even consider doing something like this. The first thing she considered, was thinking of a way to help the ones who needed it.

(Pexels / Pixabay)

“In this wonderful ecosystem there were 7 schools,” Bonato said in her Facebook post. Seeing as that she had multiple schools as her resources, she figured she would use them to her disposal.

The workers that needed to learn were given classes two times a week that would help them learn to read and write.

She claimed that only 5 months after classes started, her workers were able to sign their own names.

Bonato said herself that her workers “made me sure that nothing makes me happier than doing good.”

Her workers even gave her a letter, essentially thanking her for what she did for them.

(Facebook / Nátaly Bonato)

Literacy is one of the most essential life skills to have, so Bonato didn’t see any other choice but to help the workers acquire it.

(Facebook / Nátaly Bonato)

“What’s the reason you get up to work every day?” she asked in the post. There’s something to be said for thinking about this question.

We all needs jobs to pay our bills, but having a different motive behind it is also important. Whether its helping customers, or brightening up your coworkers’ days, work is all the more easier when you’re focusing on helping others.