Hospital worker sees love everyday and shares his thoughts on true love

Ace shares a core understanding on love
By Vanessa Rios, Epoch Times
July 7, 2018 5:40 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 9:27 am

International touring poet, motivational speaker, and romantic, Ace Metaphor gives us the run-through on what he thinks true love is.

Many a poet have tried to describe it, singers have tried to express it in songs or music, and even painters have painted those they love imbued with a light that expresses beauty and perfection. As love grows, it flows. And artists who express their love, carry it through into their work. It is manifest in idealization most times.

Yet, Ace manages to get down to some very real and authentic points. He gives examples of what he thinks his ideal partner will do for him, and what he would do for her. He believes in “til death do us part,” and especially in”through sickness and health.”

You see, Ace works at a hospital, and he says he’s seen many moments of true love being expressed before him and goes on to give some examples that moved him and helped him come to the conclusion he has about what true love is.

He talks about one man whose wife was ill and in the hospital. He called Ace about six times an hour to check up on her when he wasn’t there, asking if she’d eaten, to make sure she eats. He told Ace her favorite snacks are applesauce, peanut butter, and jam, and even told him to tell his wife he loves her. He visited her every day.

Ace was deeply moved by this.

Observing these types of interactions helped him formulate what he believes true love is: When it is real, love has the characteristics of loyalty, concern, and especially of standing by your spouse’s side no matter the impasse. He wants someone who’s “going to fight for me when I can’t fight for myself.” In essence, he thinks that many people are fair-weathered and shallow, and when things get tough, they take flight.

After all, looks fade, wealth may be spent, and fame comes and goes. So what do you have at the end of your years, but experience, wisdom, and hopefully a greater grasp of loving others, of giving compassionate care to others. Because when most people are about to die, their regrets usually involve relationships. Their main concern ends up being about having given enough love to spouses, family, and friends.

Ace believes a person who has the good characteristics of faithfulness and loyalty will stand by his side no matter what. Ultimately he wants his wife to stick by his side, as he will with her. That when one of them is weak, the other will be strong for the both of them. He wants what many who seek true love want, an everlasting love. Someone to grow old with, that you can rely on.

He even wrote a book about it. It’s called The Future Wife Handbook.

Credit: Ace Metaphor