Man who earned a PhD at 90 can teach us something about staying young

June 9, 2017 3:54 pm Last Updated: June 9, 2017 3:54 pm

There’s a magic about humans who live life with the idea that ‘it’s never too late.’ Paul Siromoni, a 91-year-old man from Chennai, India, has followed the path of many great people who came before him by realizing that knowledge is a life-long pursuit, and at the age of ninety, he earned a Ph.D.

Siromoni started his studies shortly after retiring and took three years to produce his final thesis. He was awarded the doctorate in February, 2017. The topic? ‘God’s call to the church to join in transforming the world into a kingdom of love.’

“Paul worked as the General Secretary of the YMCA,” reported India Today, “and then he joined the St Mark’s Cathedral as the Head of the Industrial Team Service.”

“He had gone through the process of sitting for six papers, three lengthy exams, and plenty of seminars [to] acquire the doctorate,” the paper read.

He then decided to start the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS), an organization with a goal to spread knowledge and awareness on discipline and the ability to work together in harmony.

Siromoni often worked in the slums of Bengaluru. He wanted to teach kids about education and health, values he believes are critical and necessary. He worked with an initiative called ‘Joy of Giving Week,’ a group representing the millennial population.

Siromoni’s wife is also a humanitarian. At the age of eighty-seven, she is constantly helping those in need and mainly works with rehabilitating mental health patients. She is also a licensed gynecologist and has worked at several hospitals in the U.K. and India.

Dr. Siromoni may be old in age, but he is young at heart. Watch the video and see him and his wife enjoy a musical moment of happiness together. That, my friends, is how you stay young!

Source: Meet Paul Siromoni, the man who earned a PhD at the age of 90 on YourStory and Dr. Paul Siromoni by Anand Selvam on YouTube.