Elderly man spends hours every day walking the streets wearing a sign for an extremely heartbreaking reason

October 23, 2017 4:18 pm Last Updated: October 23, 2017 8:10 pm

Recently, Wayne Winters can be found strolling the busy streets near his home in Farr West, Utah every single day. He doesn’t have a particular destination in mind, in fact he often paces back and forth on the same streets.

Winters’ daily walks are part of his mission to find his wife, Deanne, a kidney.

According to Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Winters walks several miles every day in hopes that someone passing by will see his sign and be able to help him and his wife.

Deanne has stage 5 kidney failure and is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

(FOX 13/Screenshot)

“I’m trying to get a kidney for my wife,” Winters told FOX 13. “My wife has stage 5 kidney failure. She’s on dialysis and she doesn’t like it. It’s horrible.”

When the 74-year-old, who met his wife 26 years ago, learned his wife was in dire need of a kidney he wasn’t sure what to do, but knew he had to do something.

He thought back to 2012 when another man, Larry Swilling, received national attention for wearing a sandwich board sign asking for a kidney for his wife. A year after his story went viral, Swilling’s wife found a donor. Unfortunately in February 2017 she passed away.

Winters remembered Swilling’s story and figured he could do the same.

Winters walks up and down his town’s busiest streets during rush hour.

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His sign is simple, it reads, “Need kidney 4 wife” and lists her blood type and a phone number to contact. He told FOX 13 that on his first day he had someone stop and tell him they were willing to get tested to see if they were a match, but so far that’s the only good news he’s received.

“It’s really hard today. This is the worst I’ve ever seen her; she don’t look good,” Winters said.

Although no one can say for certain how long until Deanne finds a kidney donor, Winters remains positive.

“After I get a kidney I will have my wife back the way she was, normal, helping people, loving people. She likes to serve other people,” he said.

As for his plans once Deanne receives a kidney, he wants to continue helping others find donors by bringing awareness to donation.

He has yet to find a donor for his wife, but hasn’t given up hope yet.