Man turns crawl space into a room for his dog—it’s so nice you’ll want to live there yourself

It's an impressive labor of love for his dog
January 25, 2018 9:32 am Last Updated: January 25, 2018 9:32 am

Many dog owners like to treat their pet like a member of the family—but some people take it a lot further than others.

Michael McGowan from Scotland is the loving owner of a Westie named Molly. But now there was another family member on the way: McGowan and his wife were expecting a baby girl.

He broke the news to his dog that she would soon be a “big sister to a little human.”

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The arrival of a baby can complicate owning a dog. Many new parents worry about how the dog will behave around their child, or feel like they can’t handle caring for both. Many dogs end up pushed out of their home to the shelter.

But not McGowan—he knew there would always be room in his home for both his dog and his daughter.

In fact, he went one step further: he gave Molly a place of her own.

He set out to build the dog her own room in the crawl space.

There was an unused space underneath the stairs—too small to be used for much else, but possibly the perfect size for a doggie bedroom.

“Nothing existed there before,” McGowan explained. “It was walled-in. I wasn’t sure how big the space was, or if it would even be possible.”

McGowan inspected the space, and discovered it was about four square meters—plenty of room for Molly.

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McGowan decided to go for it, and the project became a full-fledged construction project—an impressive labor of love for his dog.

Preliminary steps included rewiring the home’s security alarm system, adding tongue and groove panels to the outer walls, and building a frame for the entrance.

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Then, it was time to get inside and get to work.

McGowan fitted the walls with plasterboard to make it more room-like:

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(Molly helped out, too)

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And then as an added touch, lined the walls with this perfect wallpaper:

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Then he put in some wood flooring:

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Some furniture:

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And after topping it off with a few personalized touches…

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…he had built a perfect room for one spoiled dog:

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McGowan’s baby girl, named Catelyn, was born in the meantime and is now four months old. With everything going on in the house, he’s glad his old friend has a place to get some privacy (even if the new parents don’t).

“Her own space definitely helps—she often goes away for some peace and quiet, when we have lots of visitors,” he explained.

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But while the space belongs to Molly, it’s also the perfect size for an infant to crawl in and hang out with her dog.

“Catelyn is still only 4 months old, so not yet crawling around,” McGowan told Love What Matters. “It will be interesting to see once she’s on the move.”

But for now, this dog has the place all to herself—and honestly, it’s a nicer apartment than most New Yorkers have.