Man tries to cheat on his wife online. But other woman’s brutal response has the internet applauding

"OK so am I but we just won't tell. It will be fun lol"
February 4, 2018 12:34 pm Last Updated: February 4, 2018 12:34 pm

Is there anything worse than being cheated on? Of all the ways for a relationship to end, finding out that your significant other was unfaithful is easily among the worst.

Marriage is supposed to be an unbreakable bond; a lifelong commitment to devotion. Reneging on wedding vows is deceit of the highest order.

But just because you’ve agreed to remain faithful to someone the rest of your life, doesn’t mean people will stop asking you out. Human attraction doesn’t come to a sudden halt because there is a ring on your finger.

Marriage is a lot of things, and a test of willpower is one of them. Some people have it, and it appears others don’t.

A man and a woman were enjoying a lively debate on Facebook. They saw eye-to-eye on a number of topics, so he upped the ante.

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Their identities were not disclosed by the original poster. For the man trying to tempt the other person into infidelity, that’s the break of a lifetime.

“Maybe we should go out sometime,” the man writes in a private message that was posted to Imgr.

After it received no response, he sent another message, it was only a question mark, prompting a courteous rejection.

Not to be discouraged, his next response is bold, and sleazy. It received no reply.

After being met with silence, the adulterer sent a crying face emoji to reopen conversation.

Had he known the absolute evisceration that was headed his way, he wouldn’t have sent that crying face emoji. If there were any thoughts that she was just playing “hard to get”, they were put to rest with this message.

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Her fight with cancer, and the courage and strength of the husband that supported her would have been enough to end the conversation. Told in painful detail, it makes you want to shake hands with her hero husband.

Complete with pointed questions, like the lyrics from a song, “who is going to watch you die?” it’s no surprise a follow up message was never received.

In the description on her Imgr page, the original poster says that her Facebook profile lists her relationship status as married.

This woman handled this exactly the right way: tried to ignore him, and when we wouldn’t stop, succinctly put him in his place.

“Get your house in order,” might become a new battle cry for married women getting unwanted attention from married men.

And to follow up on the woman’s cancer, here is the answer in her own words.