Man tries to backflip off a bridge, teen lifeguards save his life as his heart stops seven times

August 21, 2017 6:21 pm Last Updated: August 21, 2017 6:21 pm


Summer is all about having fun—but it’s important to make sure your fun activity won’t land you in the hospital.

Every year the season brings an uptick in reckless behavior, and as youthful amateur daredevils take on wild stunts for the camera, they risk serious injuries and death.

This was the case for Tyler Wright, a 25-year-old whose stunt nearly killed him—until some bystanders miraculously came to his rescue.

Source: Inside Edition

Wright was with his girlfriend and some friends, hanging out by an abandoned bridge over the Spokane River in Washington State.

At some point, Wright decided it would be a great opportunity for an extreme stunt—he would do a backflip off the 65-foot bridge into the water.

Source: Inside Edition

But Wright miscalculated the jump, and he landed on the water straight on his back. Everyone could hear the sound of Wright smacking the water, and they knew it was bad.

“As soon as I heard the impact I was like, whoa,” one witness, 17-year-old Roman Sissons, recalled to Inside Edition. “Everybody stopped.”

“Everybody had shouted, and then he hit the water, and it was silence waiting for him to surface.”

Source: Inside Edition

Luckily, Sissons was there with his own friends—all of whom were CPR-trained lifeguards. Sissons dived in after Wright, and pulled him by his belt loops from the water.

Source: Inside Edition

Wright was badly injured—and unresponsive.

“His eyes were rolled back in his head,” Sissons recalled to Inside Edition. “He was completely unconscious … like he had been just knocked out by a UFC fighter.”

Wright suffered from cardiac arrest, in addition to a punctured lung and a cracked rib.

The lifeguards performed CPR repeatedly—restarting Wright’s heart seven times.

An ambulance eventually arrived and rushed Wright to the intensive care unit of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Wright’s girlfriend, Syan Rose, who witnessed the whole ordeal, credited the teens for saving his life.

“Without them…the love of my life would not be here right now,” Rose told Inside Edition.

Miraculously, Wright made a full recovery.

He was in the hospital for only a week, recovering from a brain injury and broken rib—but he’s a little hazy on the details of the accident.

“I remember shimmying up there, and I don’t remember much after that,” Wright told Inside Edition.

Source: Inside Edition

Luckily, he had a few eye-witnesses to fill him in; he was reunited with the teens who saved his life.

Source: Inside Edition

Wright met with Sisson, as well as Jacob Rosenberg, another teen who performed CPR on him, at the same bridge where the incident occurred.

“It is blowing me away to see you standing here in front of me,” Rosenberg told him, according to Inside Edition.

“You died seven times,” Rosenberg told him, regarding the CPR resuscitation.

In return, Wright sincerely thanked the two for saving his life.

“I am glad you were there,” he told them. “If you weren’t, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Source: Inside Edition

Things worked out well in this case, but think of it as a cautionary tale—there might not always happen to be lifeguards available to jump in and save you.