Man goes to homeless vet & tears his signboard into pieces. But what he does next—’Does that help?’

He had specifically targeted this homeless vet.
October 30, 2017 2:40 pm Last Updated: January 13, 2018 3:52 pm

Homeless for the past 20 years, this U.S. Army veteran doesn’t ask for much in life, just a few dollars to get by. What is remarkable is that even if folks don’t want to help him out, that’s okay too; he is happy if he can make others smile.

Alan McCracken stands on the corner of a Las Vegas street holding a sign that reads: “Homeless trying to get by/Anything helps/God bless.”

©Youtube Screenshot | Rob Anderson

Local magician Rob Anderson walked up to him, took his sign, and penned a few “$” figures on it, then asked McCracken: “Does that help?” before tearing the homeless man’s sign into pieces. McCracken noticed Anderson had dropped the lid off his marker as he was busy vandalizing the sign, so he bent down to retrieve it, asking if it would be possible to keep the pen to make himself a new sign.

©Youtube Screenshot | Rob Anderson

What the gentle vet didn’t know was that Anderson had decided to target him for a new viral video, and wanted to see for himself if the homeless guy was the nice guy he appeared to be.

©Youtube Screenshot | Rob Anderson

After some reflection, McCracken asks, “Are you one of those street ‘musicians’? You’re going to turn that into a wad of money?”

©Youtube Screenshot | Rob Anderson

Talk about insight! That’s exactly what the magician did as he unrolled the torn sign, which was now magically back in one piece, before a fistful of dollars tumbled to the ground.

©Youtube Screenshot | Rob Anderson

Anderson was inspired after their meeting to set up a GoFundMe page for the veteran, and was astonished that after a month $40,000 had been donated to help McCracken get back on his feet.

When Anderson presented the check to him, he refused to accept all the money; instead, he wanted to help another veteran get his life together—such a caring and compassionate man. Anderson truly created a bit of magic with his kindness.

©Youtube Screenshot | Rob Anderson

“If there’s anyone who would be deserving of assistance to get back on their feet, it is Alan McCracken,” said Anderson.

McCracken is now living in California, and with some of the money was able to help another veteran, Johnny Hicks, and his family. Johnny had served in the army for 20 years, was a Gulf War veteran, and was part of Operation Desert Storm. He had been laid off from a government job after taking time off to have surgery due to problems he suffered while working in the military. So he had no way of providing for his family whilst in recovery, and his wife said she didn’t know where their next meal would come from.

Johnny was under the impression he was being interviewed as part of a film about veterans. But when Anderson presented them with a check for $1,000, his family was speechless and in tears.

But it didn’t end there. They were led outside, where a truck with household goods, money for rent for a whole year, and gift cards for food and money were waiting. The family were left speechless. Many veterans who fought for freedom for us all are left forgotten and destitute; it is heartwarming to see these men get back some thanks from those who live a better life because of their sacrifice.

Anderson continued to help the family, bought them a new car, and helped Johnny look for work. Anderson has the ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and has a good heart as well!

Photo Credit: Rumble Screenshot.