Couple flies into ‘restricted airspace’—then she sees what’s behind them—‘are you serious?’

November 12, 2017 11:19 am Last Updated: December 7, 2017 5:49 am

Amateur pilots Florian Otto and his girlfriend Marina have been flying small aircraft together for the whole four years they’ve been dating.

They’ve logged over 120 hours of flight time per year, according to 1010 WINS, so are pretty experienced when it comes to flying. But Marina wasn’t prepared for what happened during an apparent “emergency” that seemed to come out of nowhere, and that Florian was strangely calm about.

Recently, on a beautiful sunny day in New York, the couple were enjoying a flight together, when Florian got a message over the radio.

(YouTube/ Take Off With Nik/Screenshot)

They had flown into “restricted airspace” and were going to be escorted down by a military aircraft, the radio controller said.

With no idea what was going on, they continue to fly straight and await instructions as another aircraft approaches alongside them.

That’s when Florian reaches his hand into his pocket and pulls out a small box.

(YouTube/ Take Off With Nik/Screenshot)

As Marina looks out the window, she sees it’s not the military but Florian’s friend, Nik Tarascio, flying his own plane. And stuck along the outside are the words “Marry Me?”

Turning to Florian, Marina exclaims, “Are you serious?” She of course says yes, followed by compliments and smiles.

“Baby, you’re so sweet. It’s beautiful,” she said with a smile from ear to ear as Florian places a ring on her finger.

Marina showered Florian with kisses, smiles and hugs throughout the rest of the flight.

“She said yes!” Otto’s friend happily says. “Congratulations!”

(YouTube/ Take Off With Nik/Screenshot)

Florain had planned the surprise proposal with the help of his long-time friend and Ventura Air Services operator Tarascio.

Together they’d secretly rigged up cameras in the planes to record the whole thing, and during flight set their radios to communicate on a private frequency so the “fake emergency” could be pulled off.

Tarascio later posted the sweet video to YouTube.

Back on the ground, there are hugs all round. “You guys did such an awesome, job.  I’m like shaking,” Marina says, still in shock from the wonderful surprise.

Watch the video below: