After sister passes, he takes in her 3 kids. But when community finds out—he doesn’t see it coming

January 4, 2018 12:17 pm Last Updated: January 7, 2018 8:39 pm

You can often count on your family to be there when the going gets tough. Terrance Williams of West Palm Beach, Florida, didn’t hesitate to step up when his family needed him, but when the going got tough for him, it was the community that took the strain.

Last May, 42-year-old Williams lost his sister suddenly. She left behind three young children. Though he already had two older stepchildren on his own, instead of splitting up the family, he and his girlfriend took all three children in.

Williams didn’t think twice about becoming the legal guardian of his sister’s children after she passed away.

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“They mean a lot to me,” Williams told WPTV5 News. “They keep me going. As time passes it still hurts. We’re learning to cope with it. [I] keep them involved in activities to keep their mind off of it.”

It has been rough for their family because their grandmother, who played a big part in their lives, passed away in December 2016, then only five months later their mother passed away as well.

They were a “close-knit family,” Williams said, and the death of the two women hurt.

Malachi, 11, Jakayla, 8, and Jakyla, 7, had been through a lot, and though Williams only brought in a modest wage from his job with the local city, and his car had broken down, he wanted to make sure that the three children had a great holiday.

A local charitable organization heard of his situation, and nominated him as a worthy recipient of assistance in the annual Palm Beach Post “Season to Share” holiday appeal.

Once readers read Williams’s story, they couldn’t wait to put a smile on the children’s faces.

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When his community heard about his situation, they helped by donating gifts to the three children.

“They got remote controlled cars, they got clothes they got coloring books,” Williams said. The children were happy,  but the giving did not stop with the children.

Someone in the community had a car they were going to sell. Instead of selling it, they gave it to Williams.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Williams said. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. And when he came through I was like, wow, thank you so much. Really, really appreciate it.”

“Terrance has been so appreciative of everything,” said Yvette Flores Acevedo, CEO of the charity that nominated him.

“The family of seven had no car to get around, they now have two cars. The kids who had to share beds, now have their own bunk beds. Plus, all of the kids will have presents under the tree in time for the holidays!”

Though Williams received a new car, that was not what made him the happiest.

“It made me happy to see them happy on Christmas,” Williams said, referring to his nieces and nephew.

A beautiful story of how kindness is repaid with kindness.