Man struggles with weight. But when doctor breaks news of why he can’t have baby—he’s unrecognizable

January 27, 2018 11:57 am Last Updated: January 27, 2018 11:57 am

Danny Brown was in a rough point of his life. Going into adulthood, the man from Leicester, England had not only suffered from Bipolar disorder, but the medication he was on would make him gain weight.

On top of that, he would experience bouts of depression, and eating food would be his coping mechanism for that as well.

Back in 2015, he was 350 pounds. His daily meals consisted of KFC, Chinese food, and a few pints of beer a day.

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“I took on a position as a van driver which meant I was inactive for most of the day,” he said. “I had no energy and would fall asleep when I’d come home from a shift.”

Brown had little to no motivation to change his lifestyle. And a failed vegetarian diet before his 2015 wedding only prolonged this.

Sometime later, he and his wife, Vicky Clarke, were trying for a baby. He had always dreamt of becoming a father.

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For three years, the couple didn’t have any success with having one. And then one day, at the doctors, Brown heard news that shocked him.

The doctors told him that his wife’s infertility could be due to his obesity.

“I never thought for one moment that it could be my weight that was stopping us,” Brown told Leicester Mercury.

It is true though, as according to YourFertility, obesity can affect both a man and woman’s fertility.

This struck a nerve with him, and since the doctors suggested for him to lose weight, that was exactly what he was going to do.

He started going to the gym four days a week, and cut out all junk food, including the pints of beer he used to consume.

Weight lifting was his go-to exercise, as he found it was much easier to shed the weight doing this.

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He kept to his diet of lean meats and vegetables the whole way, as he said how he “tossed the takeaway menus in the bin.”

The gym was his haven four times a week, and this attributed to the consistent progress he was making.

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As of 2018, Brown has lost over 110 pounds.

(Instagram / fatman2fitman1982)

The couple was able to conceive, and their son, Phoenix, is now 15 months old.

“Holding my baby son in my arms for the first time was the most incredible feeling ever and I knew at that moment that it had all been worth it,” Brown said.

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He’s now started a channel called, “FATMAN2FITMAN” which will be dedicated to telling his story to inspire others.

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“Not everyone has a dedication to see it through,” he said about losing weight. “So maybe that’s something I could help you with.”

At first, it was just about having the baby, but the weight loss has made him feel better both mentally and physically. And this only motivates him more to continue.

Brown doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon, as he hasn’t reached his target goal yet. But looking at how far he has come already, he’ll have no problem getting to where he wants to be.