Man starts a ‘6-12’ convenience store to compete with ‘7-11’

June 8, 2017 8:12 pm Last Updated: June 8, 2017 8:12 pm

7-11 stores are known for their convenience and low prices for various types of snacks. In this story, however, one man decided he could do better by creating his own “6-12.”

Abu Masa originally worked at a 7-11, but disliked having to sell hot food. Reportedly, these items, which included hot dogs, taquitos, and pizza, did not always sell well, causing him to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of food every closing time.

As much as he hated the hot food policy, he was bound by his contract to provide it. “Whatever, whenever they want they can bring into the store and we have no option, no choice but to accept it,” Musa explained to CBS Boston, “Because they said you signed the paperwork.” This conflict even reportedly turned into a legal battle over franchise rights, but was ultimately settled out of court.

Some people are willing to put up with ‘lukewarm’ coffee just to help Musa! (Source: Pexels)

Rather than count his loses and try to look for work in another field, he decided not to give up on the convenience store business, but open a new one across the street, which he dubbed, “6-12.” Some people in the area shop at the new store simply to support Musa.

“When I learned the story behind it, that he got cut from the 7-Eleven roster and started his own team, I thought it was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard — a gang fight over Ho Hos and lukewarm coffee,” a customer identified as Brian Donovan said to the Boston Globe.

Musa has one last card to play against his former employer. (Source: Wikimedia)

The one constant Musa has concerning his new store is that it never sells hot food. While it might seem like that would put him at a disadvantage, Musa has one card left to play. He remembers the prices of items at his old store, and he ensures that everything is cheaper at his new store!