Man spit out two liters of water, brushes teeth

May 4, 2017 3:32 pm Last Updated: May 4, 2017 3:32 pm

Dickinson Oppong is able to drink over 4 liters of water in under 90 seconds, and then spit it all back out on demand.

He spits out 2 liters of water in a continuous stream, drinks it down again, then does a few tricks with it.

Like brushing his teeth.

“It’s not magic, just real,” he says.

Since then, he has made appearances on shows like Discovery Channel’s Stan Lee’s “SuperHumans,” and international talent shows like Germany’s “Das Super” and France’s “Got Talent”.

What Oppong, from Ghana, can do is normally impossible for any human being. He is capable of drinking four to five times the water a person should normally be able to.

Drinking too much water too quickly can be deadly (there’s a term for it: hyponatremia), but somehow, Oppong has been doing this without problem for years.

Even weirder, there is a long history of spitting out large quantities of water as a parlor trick.

A Brief History of Regurgitation Tricks

In the mid 17th century, Frenchman Jean Royer was known for his regurgitating and spouting abilities. Another, Blaise Manfre was noted for his ability to drink water and regurgitate wine (he cheated and ingested red dye before the water).

The regurgitation act was also common enough for Houdini to make mention of it, and his distaste for the act, in his book “Miracle Mongers and Their Methods.”

As the performers explain it, this trick is basically controlled vomiting, a skill gained by training the muscles repeatedly. They can clench the muscles of the throat and stomach at will.

Some performers got a bit more creative. Hadji Ali would down a gallon of water and then a gallon of kerosene—spitting out the kerosene to set props aflame before putting them out by dousing them with water.