Man sees officer pull up at gas station with man—but what cop does forces him to take out his camera

October 29, 2017 3:50 pm Last Updated: October 29, 2017 3:50 pm

To say, “it only happens to other people,” doesn’t always apply. One driver had the ill fortune of running out of gas on a highway, and he had no money to pay for more gas, even if he managed to walk to the next gas station. But, on the plus side, he was unexpectedly greeted by a remarkable police officer, who exemplified “what it means to protect and serve!”

Police Officer Zack Herman from Knoxville happened to be on patrol when he noticed a car pulled over by the highway. Officer Herman immediately went to investigate. He encountered a man who had run out of gas. Instead of walking away and letting the man find his own way to the gas station, he offered the man a lift.

©Facebook | Travis Van Norstran
©Facebook | Travis Van Norstran

When they got to the local gas station, the man realized that his check could only be cashed the following day. Officer Herman gave it no second thought and gladly purchased the gas for him.

Travis Van Norstran, who resides in Knoxville, saw what the officer did and shared what he had witnessed on Facebook:

©Facebook | Travis Van Norstran

“He deserves the praise and recognition,” Van Norstran said of Officer Herman.

“In a world of protest, hate, debate, racism, violence and lack of respect for one another it’s nice to know that there are officers such as this one…that exemplify professionalism and what it means to protect and serve!” he added.