Man with asthma sees flickering light in his neighbor’s home and rushes in to save her from fire

December 1, 2017 1:54 pm Last Updated: December 1, 2017 1:56 pm

During the holidays, everyone’s sense of being grateful for the people around them seems to grow stronger. Usually, one hears of people being thankful for their family, friends, and careers. Some give thanks for being able to be happy, and others people appreciate just being alive and well.

One Pennsylvania woman can still be thankful for all of those things—but her neighbor Joseph Aloe is the special reason why. During the Thanksgiving holiday, the father of three became Eugenia Sullivan’s hero after saving her from a burning home.


Aloe was spending his evening playing video games, when he noticed an unusual sight through his neighbor’s window.

He explained to WNEP that he saw a flickering light, and he walked out of his home and made his way over to his neighbor’s house to make sure there was nothing wrong.

“I got up to the door, and I could see the flames in there,” Aloe said.


The hero immediately called 911, but he did not waste any time in rushing into the house when he realized his neighbor was trapped inside. He ran to the back of the house, and smashed the door open.

The fire had caused the house to be flooded with black smoke. Aloe had to crawl his way through the house, and a feeling of fear washed over his body.

“You can’t see, you can’t breathe, you hear the sound of the wood cracking, and the heat.”

Along with those struggles, Aloe also has asthma. But armed with his smartphone’s flashlight to direct him through the darkness, he did not let anything stop him from finding his neighbor.


Through these obstacles, he could see his neighbor’s dog, which led him straight to his neighbor.

“They have a little dog with curly white fur and I could see his tail wagging.” He added that the dog stayed right next to his neighbor through the danger, “which was amazing in itself.”

Aloe whisked the dog out of the burning home and then rescued his neighbor.


Help soon arrived, and the two were safe and healthy thanks to Aloe’s heroic act.

Since the incident, Aloe feels that he has a lot to be cheerful about.

The holiday hero added that during times like these during the holidays, it “makes you think that you have a lot to be thankful for.”