The reason why this man carefully restrained a tiny bird sitting on a metal fence will melt your heart

November 22, 2017 3:18 pm Last Updated: November 24, 2017 7:39 am

A tiny finch is a free bird thanks to a man with an ingenious way of saving the little guy’s life.

On a frigid New Year’s morning while Nelson Wilson was feeding his horses he noticed a finch perched on a steel fence. As he moved closer to the horses’ water tank he found it odd that the bird didn’t fly away.

The bird showed no attempt at moving even when Wilson approached it with a camera.

(Nelson Wilson/Screenshot)

In the caption of a video he uploaded on YouTube, Wilson explained how the horses’ water tank is heated, so it doesn’t freeze during the cold Idaho winters.

He also noted how occasionally birds will take advantage of the water, which we imagine is hard to come by during some of the coldest months, and take a drink. He guessed that the bird sitting on the fence had done just that.

When Wilson was a few inches from the bird, it became evident why the bird wasn’t flying away.

(Nelson Wilson/Screenshot)

“Apparently this unfortunate bird had gotten its feet wet and, while making its exit, had become frozen to the fence in the prevailing near zero Idaho temperatures,” Wilson wrote.

The finch’s feet were frozen to the fence and it had no way to free itself. So, Wilson first tried helping the bird by using the heat from his hands to warm the bird’s feet and the part of the fence on which it sat.

When that didn’t seem to be doing much he gently grabbed the bird in his hand and used his breath to warm the bird’s feet.

Wilson carefully restrained the bird so it wouldn’t injure itself anymore and used his breath to warm the bird’s feet.

(Nelson Wilson/GIF)

As his breath heated up the fence he was able to gently free the bird’s feet.

Once the bird’s feet were unstuck it quickly flew away, though if the bird did stick around and could talk we imagine it would have thanked Wilson for saving its life.

As Wilson put wrote on YouTube, it was “a delightful way to start a new year.”

(Nelson Wilson/GIF)

Watch the full video below: