Man saved unknown woman from falling down cliff. But a year later, he asks her this one thing

"I did everything you're not supposed to do."
February 3, 2018 10:37 am Last Updated: February 3, 2018 10:37 am

As much as we’d like to believe it, not every love story is a “love at first sight” one. In fact, many love stories start out more awkwardly than anything else.

But that’s because fate has mysterious ways of working. No matter what happens in life, we’ll end up eventually where we are meant to be.

Take Seth, for example.

(YouTube / Tyson J Henderson)

In the summer of 2015, Seth was on a group canyoneering trip to Moab, Utah. In the group was also a girl named Nicole.

The group was in a place called Teardrop Canyon, and on the trip, everyone had to rappel down a 100-foot drop in order to keep going.

Seth was the person belaying at the bottom of the drop, making sure the people who were rappelling down were safe to do so.

It was then Nicole’s turn, and since this was her first time rappelling, she had a bit of trouble getting down the side of the cliff.

“I let go of the rope, I lost my footing,” Nicole said. “I did everything you’re not supposed to do.”

Nicole started free-falling, and thought she was going to die.

But Seth was there.

(YouTube / Tyson J Henderson)

Nicole fell 10 feet before Seth was able to use the belay to stop her descent.

As one can imagine, Nicole became near-frantic after falling like that.

“Stop! I’ve got you, okay?” Seth yelled to Nicole.

“I don’t know you! Don’t tell me what to do!” Nicole yelled back.

But as Seth talked to her from below, she calmed down, and Seth helped her drop down to the ground safely, right into his arms.

She gave a nervous, “thanks,” and walked away right after.

As awkward of a first encounter that was, Nicole told a mutual friend that she was interested in getting to know Seth.

Once they got acquainted with each other, they eventually they started dating. It wasn’t that hard for both of them to connect, given their mutual love for canyoneering and traveling.

They got closer over time, and their love for each other only increased.

“We’ve been nothing but happy together,” Seth said.

The couple found their relationship to be fun in every way. And after only a year of dating, Seth knew that she was the one.

In 2016, on the anniversary of their first date, Seth planned on proposing to Nicole — at the same exact place where he saved her life.

A group consisting the couple’s friends went with them to the canyon in Moab, and they all knew of Seth’s plan. Even though they were all being filmed by Seth’s friend, Tyson, Nicole didn’t suspect anything, as recording video of their trips was a norm for them.

They made their way to Teardrop Canyon, where the couple recognized the spot of their very first encounter.

“I’m well aware of that edge,” Nicole said when she saw it.

(YouTube / Tyson J Henderson)

Like the year before, the group had to rappel down the side of the cliff. The plan was to make sure Nicole was the last person to rappel down, where she would once again be belayed by Seth.

Once everyone except Nicole got down, they all went a considerable distance from the couple.

This time, with Seth’s help, Nicole was able to rappel down Teardrop Canyon without a problem.

As she was on the way down, Nicole started to think something was up, given Seth was the only one around at the bottom.

And once she was unhooked, Seth didn’t waste anymore time. He gave her flowers, walked with her, and got on one knee.

He popped the question.

(YouTube / Tyson J Henderson)

And she said yes.

(YouTube / Tyson J Henderson)

“I had no idea that was the plan the entire time,” Nicole said in her blog. “But clearly Seth did a good job at surprising me!”

Nicole was looking forward to redeeming herself from the incident the previous year. And not only did she do just that, but the reward was becoming engaged to her best friend.

It was later that year when the couple got married.

(Facebook / Nicole Allen Jones)

In this instance, the prior memory that the two had of Teardrop Canyon was replaced with one that they’ll both cherish forever.

On that day they met in 2015, Seth not only saved a life, but found his future wife.

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