This is SO inspiring – man runs 7.7 MPH without legs

May 24, 2017 1:58 pm Last Updated: May 24, 2017 1:58 pm

Being healthy is very important and after watching this video you’ll see that no one has an excuse for not working out.

Even though this man doesn’t have any legs, he still pushes himself to the limit when it comes to working out. At first glance would think he’d be able to run on a treadmill? Well, think again because he can and he can probably go faster than you.

Known as nicksanto534 on Instagram, this man proves that being healthy and fit is important even to a person  who is physically handicapped.

In the video, Nick needed some assistance starting the treadmill, but once he found his groove it was all him.

Nick started out in a slow, smooth pace to warm things up.

Initially an increase in speed proved to be a challenge for Nick, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he did his best to test his limits and kept on running until finally at 7.7 mph Nick couldn’t handle anymore and stopped.

His perseverance to finish the obstacle is truly outstanding.