Woman was startled seeing big man on camera outside her home. But what he left there—totally unexpected

"I was scared too."
December 30, 2017 3:41 pm Last Updated: December 30, 2017 3:41 pm

We carry everything in our wallets. Cash, identification, credit cards, medical cards, and some people even carry their social security cards in their wallet. It is safe to say that our lives are in our wallets, and losing it is unimaginable.

One woman left her wallet in a shopping cart in Walmart. Some people might take the money in the wallet and leave the rest of the stranger’s things where they found it, some people would just walk past it.

Luckily, the wallet was founded by Billy Bird. He explained to ABC 13 that he saw the wallet in the shopping cart and immediately started looking for a form of identity. Besides her driver’s license, he found $400 dollars in cash, gift cards, and credit cards.

The good Samaritan went out of his way to return the wallet.

(Screenshot/ ABC 13)

Billy drives for Lyft, so he took a break and went to the address that he found on the driver’s license. It was 12:30 a.m. when he got there, so when he rang the doorbell to return the wallet, he was not surprised that no one answered.

He told ABC 13, “I was scared too. I mean, I wouldn’t open the door either. It was 12:30 at night.”

After waiting to see if someone would come to the door, he saw a camera near the doorbell, and spoke into it. “I found somebody’s wallet that lives at this address, and I just want to leave it here at your front door.”

Then, he left.

The owner did not know who the kind man was, nor could she find him. It was not until the story made the news when people began to recognize that the good man was Billy!

(Screenshot/ ABC 13)

“I couldn’t believe the response from people saying “Yeah! I know this guy!” said Bird.

He became popular because of his good deed. To many, this is a big deal, but Billy is just a nice man that went out of his way to promote kindness.

“I have this overwhelming feeling, just to help people, and I’ve been there before,” said Bird.

The owner of the wallet is  Pua Valdez, and she was more than grateful for Billy’s kind actions. For his holiday heroics, Billy got a big hug from Valdez and some special Hawaiian candy treats.