Man rescues abandoned lion cubs drowning in a river. Years later, their bond is tested

September 5, 2017 12:51 pm Last Updated: October 29, 2017 11:13 am


Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, is known as the “Lion Whisperer” because of his reputation for building close relationships many species of animals. So when he came across two lion cubs seven years ago that had been abandoned by their mother and were in a perilous situation, he didn’t hesitate to help them. They were swept away by a river, in danger of drowning. Richardson rescued both of them.

In the right place at the right time, he saved their lives.

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Richardson named the two lucky cats from the African savanna Amiee and Meg, and he bonded with the two beautiful creatures as he nurtured and cared for them into adulthood.

“Meg and Aimee are kind of my soulmates,” Richardson told Newsner. “It’s like humans, you could meet many, many people in your life, but there’s very few that you actually connect wholeheartedly with.”

Letting Go

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When they were ready, Richardson set the two healthy lions free back into the wild. Given his profession and complete understanding of lion behavior, he knew it was what had to be done. He also knew that he would miss them dearly.

A Return Visit

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Several years ago, however, he returned to find them and the trip was captured in a documentary. At that point, Aimee and Meg had become fully integrated into their natural habitat and, like other lions, acted on their survival instinct to hunt and live. Richardson was hoping to get footage for his film by attaching a camera to his two old friends.

A Discouraging Warning Sign

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Even some of the most amazing bonds between humans and animals have not stood the test of time, and Richardson couldn’t be sure if the deep bond he had formed with the two would be enough to overcome their instincts.

At 10 years old, they had lived an untamed life for the majority of their existence. When that unknown outcome was first tested and one of the cameramen from their crew approached the lions—

—they responded aggressively.

But Richardson wasn’t going to give up.

They were able to get the camera attached to the lions somehow, but they had not yet made an outright approach to them.

Richardson, despite the lions being what he describes as, ” a certain kind of weaponry,” made a bold and potentially life-threatening decision to approach the lions himself anyway.

Camera in hand, he slowly approaches one of the two, trusting that the deep connection he had made with Meg and Aimee years earlier would be enough to elicit a warm reaction.

Caught On Film

The reunion was a rare, beautiful moment of love and friendship. The fact that it was caught on camera makes the event even rarer, but it also means you can see how it all unfolded.