Man recounts what he wrote to Spielberg’s company as a kid & how the reply changed his life forever

July 9, 2018 4:20 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 9:04 am

On June 11, 1993, Jurassic Park shocked the world with its grand orchestral score and gorgeous visual effects. It’s a movie that captured the hearts of millions, and many look back fondly to that day.

On the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, actor and writer Andrew Briedis shared his experience with the film on Twitter. It’s a movie that shaped his entire life leading to a film-worthy story of its own.

Growing up, Andrew Briedis was jealous of Jurassic Park’s child actors.

(Twitter/Andrew Briedis)

Briedis described himself as a “punk kid” saying he “cried a lot and hated trying new things.” Case in point: 1993 was right around the time that he had quit sports.

His mom wanted to get him interested in extracurricular activities so he would have something to do with all of his excess energy. Yet, when she proposed that he try youth theatre, Briedis rejected the idea outright.

Then, Jurassic Park came out and Briedis thought that it was absolutely amazing—he watched it in theaters nine times!

Still, Briedis didn’t like every single aspect of the movie. When he saw its child actors, he grew quite jealous. He thought that he would’ve done a better job than any of them.

This became a major sticking point for Briedis who continued to cry and be upset about the film all summer.

“[I was] ruining our family road trip because I was so pissed I wasn’t in Jurassic Park,” he wrote.

His mother tracked down the movie’s production company so that he could write a letter.

(Twitter/Andrew Briedis)

After hearing complaint after complaint, the child’s mom took action. She found the address for Steven Spielberg’s production company (which was especially difficult in the pre-internet days) and encouraged her son to write to him.

Briedis wrote Spielberg a letter saying that he would love to be in a Jurassic Park sequel, should there be any, and that he had a loose connection to Hollywood.

“My great uncle was best friends with Cary Grant and was in movies back in the 30s, so Hollywood was in my blood,” Briedis wrote.

While this could have easily been the end of it, Briedis received a letter just a few weeks later. Kris Kelley, the head of Public Relations at Amblin Entertainment (Spielberg’s company) had written him back!

The letter detailed how film casting worked and recommended Briedis find an agent. At that point he decided to reconsider his previous renouncement of theatre.

“I would like to audition for the play now,” he told his mother.

He received a letter back from HR which inspired him to pursue a career in acting.

“That is how I got into theatre,” he wrote. “Because someone important took the time to help a kid.”

Briedis now has a successful Hollywood career as a writer and actor. He has appeared on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and was a guest writer on SNL.

Yet none of that would have happened had he not received that letter. This taught him a major lesson which can be applied to any field—not just acting.

“If you want something bad enough, go straight to the source,” he wrote. “Don’t waste your time wondering. Dream bigger than you can imagine.”

Speaking of “bigger than you can imagine,” his Twitter story blew up way more than he ever thought it would, with 2,000 likes and 425 retweets in just a week.

Soon his story was being covered on Good Morning America. He was overwhelmed by the response!

“The response has been incredible,” Briedis told Scary Mommy. “Everyone has said such nice things about the story, and how they connect to it in their own way, or that it’s inspired them.

“I’ve heard a lot from moms and that has meant the most to me.”

Hearing from moms is especially valuable to Briedis as he considers his mother the true hero of the story. Right now Briedis is working on a project based on his mother who passed away in 1999 due to breast cancer.

Every aspect of this story has had such a huge impact on the man’s life that he keeps a dinosaur tattoo on his leg as a reminder of where he came from and to spur him onward to do even more!