Man in ‘a very bad way’ & had made a noose. But when his dog saw it—does the most incredible thing

“I went to take it off him and realized he wasn’t actually playing"
August 8, 2017 2:26 pm Last Updated: April 10, 2018 2:32 pm

When Byron Taylor saw the black, 5-week-old puppy, he was smitten. Taylor already had four dogs, but he knew he wanted Geo. He told the owner that if he ever wanted to sell the dog, please call him first.

And he did—not long after, Taylor got a call, and emptied the last 100 pounds in his bank account so he could bring Geo home.

“Geo’s my soulmate,” Taylor said.

Ever since Taylor brought Geo home, Geo has stuck loyally by him in every way.

One day, Taylor was walking Geo down a street when he was assaulted by someone with a knife—and Geo jumped to his rescue, scaring off the attacker.

“He’s saved my life emotionally and physically.”

Geo also stuck with Taylor through heartbreak, through loss and mourning, through unemployment, and other emotional turmoil.

During a dark period in Taylor’s life, Geo did the most amazing thing.

Taylor had just gone through a terrible breakup, and his girlfriend had left him “in a very bad way.”

“After losing her, I thought I had enough,” he said. Taylor found a piece of rope in the shed, made a noose, and then wrote his mother a note.

“Sorry I’ve had enough of this life—lost my job, lost my property, lost four dogs, lost my partner, all my savings—so I did not have a good head on,” Taylor said.

“I went back upstairs to do the job, went to grab the noose—and Geo had it in his mouth,” Taylor said.

At first, Taylor assumed Geo had thought it was a toy and was just playing with it.

But then Taylor reached for it—and Geo growled.

“I went to take it off him and realized he wasn’t actually playing. He was showing his teeth at me, he wouldn’t let me take it,” Taylor said.

When Geo finally set down the rope, Taylor said he looked like he was trying to warn him off—“Almost as if to say, ‘If you go near it I’m going to bite you.'”

During the tussle between Taylor and Geo, Taylor’s friend had arrived and was downstairs. He heard the growling and arguing come from above, so he made his way up the stairs to check that everything was all right.

He saw immediately that the piece of rope was a noose, and did not hesitate to call an ambulance.

“I was fairly emotionally drained,” Taylor remembered.

He went to the hospital and stayed there for two days, then moved out of his property to stay with his mother for a while. Recovering and battling depression was not easy, but having Geo by his side for support gave him the emotional strength to go on.

“If Geo wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be here right now,” Taylor said.

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