Man longs to meet missing father for 30 years — then recognizes him in online video

“I already knew.”
November 16, 2017 2:30 pm Last Updated: November 16, 2017 2:47 pm

Kevin Taylor was only eight years old when he found out that his real father lived in Houston, Texas. Even though Kevin’s family had moved away to Colorado, he was desperate to find his father.

Kevin grew up without his father in his life.

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As the boy got older, he began to search phone books, writing letters to anyone in Texas with the same last name.

“I had a few returned letters over the years and mostly no responses from anybody,” said Kevin, according to KHOU 11.

Then, a photo emerged of his father, and it encouraged him not to give up searching for him.

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Kevin decided to write one more letter to invite his dad to his U.S. Marine Corps graduation, but that also got sent back.

However, his failed attempts did not push him away, but made him search harder. He scoured the internet for any kind of lead.

Then he saw a news video of a homeless painter.

(KHOU 11/Screenshot)

Rudolph Taylor, a.k.a “The Painter,”  is a self-taught artist and military veteran who sells artwork to the locals in Houston. He’s been homeless for more than 30 years, selling just enough art to keep himself fed. He spent most of his time painting inside an abandoned welding shed, which he turned into a studio.

The video of this 60-year-old man was on the news for creating a friendship with police officers in Houston.

(KHOU 11/Screenshot)

After seeing the video, Kevin knew it was his dad.

“It just so happened that a video came up and he was a painter, and I knew that he was artistic,” Kevin said.

After a 30-year search, Kevin reunited with his father in 2016.

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He called the police and said, “I saw this story and I believe the man in the video is my father. Somebody get back to me.”

The police officer responded to Kevin’s phone call and helped unite the two men.

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Kevin announced his name to his father, and Rudolph responded, “I already knew.”

“I never had anything against you my whole life,” Kevin told his father.

(KHOU 11/Screenshot)

They bonded instantly, as if they were never apart.

Watch the touching video below: