Man looks like he’s just rock climbing, but when the camera pan’s out—I go weak at the knees

May 9, 2018 11:26 am Last Updated: May 9, 2018 11:26 am

World records, more often than not, are broken eventually. But if you’re the first to do something, that can never be erased.

And that is Leo Houlding’s mindset.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

In this video, the climber from England has his sights set on the Pillar of Wisdom, a natural structure located in Jordan. And with it being over 1,000 feet tall, he wanted to be the very first person to climb from the bottom to the top, with almost no assistance.

He knows exactly how dangerous it would be to attempt this, but he was ready for anything.

With that being said, he went for it.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

Though he made the climb look easy, he stressed that even the smallest mistake could lead to disaster. He took his time along the way, especially since his only form of assistance was a rope he would use to rest on.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

He made sure to rest when he needed it, and even in parts where he thought he was out of energy, Houlding found the will deep within himself to keep going.

And sure enough, Houdling made it to the top in one piece.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

If anything, this video shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

As impressive as Houlding’s feat was in this video, this is something you shouldn’t try on your own.

Credit: Barcroft TV