Man is both deaf and blind yet he still manages to enjoy the World Cup with a little help

That's a true fan
July 6, 2018 3:43 pm Last Updated: July 6, 2018 3:43 pm

There’s many reasons why the World Cup attracts millions of fans all over the world.

The sport of soccer is one that anyone can get into, which means that if anything, it brings people closer together. There’s nothing quite like supporting your favorite soccer team.

Carlos Alberto Santana is one of these people, and despite the man’s rare condition, he’s determined to watch the World Cup.

Santana was born deaf, and at age 17, he started to lose his eyesight too due to a condition called Usher Syndrome.

Fast-forward to today, and the man is both blind and deaf.

But this doesn’t mean Santana can’t support his favorite soccer team, Brazil, during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

He just needs a little assistance to do so.

(New York Post / Screenshot)

This video shows Santana’s friends interpreting the game for him.

The game they’re watching is Brazil’s first-round game against Costa Rica, one that he seemed more than excited to be a part of.

Santana’s main interpreter, Renato Rodrigues, uses many different methods to tell Santana what’s happening in the game.

With a makeshift miniature soccer field in front of them, Rodrigues moves Santana’s hands to imitate which team has the ball, and where it’s going, among everything else going on.

And when there’s a goal for Brazil, not only do they signify it with a hug …

(New York Post / Screenshot)

But they also play the drums to celebrate some more!

(New York Post / Screenshot)

The experience is all about making Santana feel as if he’s in the crowd among his fellow Brazil fans.

“We wanted Carlinhos to feel the emotion that millions of Brazilians feel,” Rodrigues told Newsflare.

It’s obvious that Brazil is one of the many countries whose citizens are extremely passionate about soccer, and with the help of Rodrigues, Santana can feel exactly like all of their fans.

It’s amazing to see the effort being put into the interpretation, and we can see how much fun Santana has when engaging in it.

“He got emotional and said he wants more for the next match,” Rodrigues said about his dear friend. “It was a very exciting football game for all of us.”

As of right now, Brazil is still in the World Cup, which gives Santana all the more opportunities to get involved with the games.

And from the looks of it, he won’t mind one bit if Brazil goes all the way.