Man heroically rushes to the rescue after goat falls into nearby river

"An animal needed help, so I went and helped it. It's just who I am."
July 11, 2018 6:17 pm Last Updated: July 11, 2018 6:17 pm

Life can be unpredictable—we never know what a day will bring. On June 1, Mike Soleska thought he was having a normal day at work.

On this specific day, Soleska was bartending at a tavern near the Jefferson Dam in Wisconsin.

That is, until someone ran into the place and yelled “Call 911!”

(FOX 6 News/Screenshot)

It turned out that a goat was drowning in the nearby Rock River.

Apparently, this was one of three goats placed on a nearby island next to the river to help eat up certain plants that grow there.

The recent high tides of the river proved to be a little too dangerous on this day, and thus, this goat named Elsa found herself struggling to stay afloat in the water.

(Pixabay / Pixabay)

Upon hearing the cry for help, the bartender took it upon himself to save the animal.

And keeping a garage near his workplace came in handy—Soleska had the proper resources to act.

“I ran over to the garage door and I grabbed my paddle,” Soleska told the Daily Union.

The man had a canoe and paddle in the garage, and he took both to the river as soon as he could.

Goats aren’t particularly known for their swimming abilities, so who knows how much time she had on her own. That’s why Soleska kicked it into high gear to save the animal.

In fact, the rescue was caught on video by a witness.

(CBS New York/Screenshot)

We see the man get right up next to Elsa on his canoe, as the other goats, Buddy and Anna, watched from land.

After fighting against the river’s currents, Soleska is able to get a grip on the goat to bring her back onto land.

“I think she knew I was helping her,” he said. “Once it got to shore, it was all happy again,”

Elsa was safe, and Soleska was commended for his bravery.


As of today, a fence has been implemented on the island to prevent anything like this from happening in the future.

But as for Soleska, he thinks that what he did wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary.

“An animal needed help, so I went and helped it,” he said. “It’s just who I am.”

In fact, the man went right back to work once the deed was done.

That’s dedication right there. And at least he was able to save a life before getting back to work.