Man shockingly finds two tiny eggs in a fallen bird’s nest. What he does with them—it’s jaw-dropping

"I was both hoping and fearing"
January 31, 2018 6:00 pm Last Updated: February 1, 2018 11:23 am

In 2016 Alwyn Wils purchased a dozen quail eggs in Haarlem, Netherlands. As an experiment he placed those eggs in an incubator to see what would happen. Amazingly one month later one of the eggs hatched and a chick called Albert was born.

Since then Wils has uploaded videos of Albert, as well as various other videos related to birds onto his YouTube channel.

His most recent video shows what happened when he discovered a bird’s nest that had fallen to the ground.

Wils responded to the call for help.

Wils received a call from a neighbor about something that had fallen from some chairs in a garden. He had a look and discovered it was a bird’s nest.

The nest had been destroyed and Wils believed it was empty, but after thumbing through the sticks and leaves he noticed two small eggs.

He got an idea.

He found two very small eggs wrapped in a destroyed bird’s nest.

Wils decided to place the eggs in his incubator, but he had his reservations.

He had never seen a bird raised through an incubator that started out so small.

He created a makeshift nest and placed both eggs inside.

Despite not knowing if either egg had anything inside, he placed them both in the incubator.

He spent the next several days turning the eggs around three times a day to ensure “proper development of a possible embryo.”

Wils spent four days taking care of the eggs.

On the fourth day he checked the eggs to see if there was any sign of life.

“I was both hoping and fearing they were alive,” he wrote.

To check for signs of life, he used the flashlight on his phone and held each egg up to the light. The first egg appeared empty, but something inside of the second egg moved.

After four days the second egg showed signs of life.

Every day he continued to care for the eggs until one day when he looked inside the incubator he discovered there was only one egg.

The second egg had hatched, and of course he didn’t catch it on camera.

After a few more days the egg hatched and the tiniest bird was born.

Now that the bird, which he discovered was a wren, had been born, Wils had another issue. How would he take care of such a tiny creature?

Taking care of the wren proved to be extremely difficult, but with a lot of patience he was able to feed the bird.

Wils fed the wren aphids from the roses in his garden.

He didn’t realize how often he’d have to feed the bird—nearly every 10 minutes. If he didn’t the bird became weak.

Every day the little bird grew.

Soon all of its feathers had grown in.

As the bird grew it became easier to feed, but it also became harder to keep the bird in one place.

Wils knew that this meant the wren would soon be ready to move on. After witnessing the bird escape its home inside the incubator, Wils decided it was time to release the bird into the wild.

In no time at all the bird was ready to be released.

He took the wren outside and within a few moments the bird was on its merry way. And once again Wils missed capturing the moment on camera.

“Goodbye little friend, see you around,” he wrote.

Watch the entire process in the video below.