Man hands out $2 bills to all passengers on flight. Then he shares the heartbreaking truth

October 30, 2017 1:37 pm Last Updated: October 30, 2017 1:37 pm

Two dollar bill for good luck? You’re welcome. Seeing how there are so few $2 bills in circulation, it feels “lucky” to get one these days. One passenger aboard an airplane decided to hand one of these lucky notes to each person onboard, so as to spread a little love in honor of his dad!

One of the passengers, Natalie Gunderson, took a photo of everyone onboard, each holding high their own $2 bill in their hand. She then posted it to her Facebook page.

“In the midst of all the crap going on in the world, here is some ‘good’ for your Facebook feed,” wrote Gunderson, sharing the random act of kindness that took place in the sky.

Credit: Facebook | Natalie Gunderson

Gunderson from Ohio was on a flight to North Carolina when she received her $2 bill from the fellow.

Near the end of the flight from Nashville to the Raleigh-Durham airport, the man had gotten out of his seat and started handing out $2 bills to all the passengers!

Gunderson said the man was spreading the love in order to honor his dad, who had once given him a $2 bill when he was 16, and told him that “as long as he kept it, he’d never be broke,” according to Gunderson’s post.

Credit: Facebook | Infinitogolf

So, the man did the same for all the passengers on the plane, spreading the luck and love to each, one by one, two bucks at a time!

“Tonight that man honored his dad and gave everyone on our (almost full) flight a $2 bill so we’ll never be broke. He just wanted to spread the love,” she said.

Credit: Facebook | Natalie Gunderson

The man’s symbolic yet heartfelt gesture left a small blessing with each passenger aboard that short but memorable flight.

“It didn’t matter our race, sex, religion, etc., we all were just together passing around two dollar bills until each and every person got one,” Gunderson told WCNC. “The awesome part was everyone just took one, and everyone was looking out for everyone around them, making sure we all got one.”

“My two dollars lives in my wallet now, so I’ll never be broke,” she added.